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The Start of the Start — Matterport’s Next Decade Ahead

Matterport CEO RJ Pittman reflects back on a monumental year and looks forward to the opportunities ahead.

Seasons Greetings from all of us here at Matterport to our growing community of customers and partners around the world! 2021 was a transformational year for Matterport. Inspired by an incredibly hard working and fast growing group of Matterpeeps (our employees), partners and customers, I am delighted to share the highlights of what we have achieved together and the outlook for 2022. 

From the start, we laid out a plan for the most ambitious year in our ten year history. This was driven by our confidence and conviction in the power of digital transformations that have redefined and reimagined industries including financial service (now fintech), retail (now ecommerce) and network and cable television (now streaming services) to name just a few. Matterport has been leading the digital transformation of the built world for over a decade. It is almost hard to imagine how far we’ve come given the incredible opportunity that still lies ahead. 

In 2021, we accelerated our commitment to democratizing 3D capture, making our digital twins accessible and useful to anyone, using just the smartphone in their pocket, a 360 camera, a LIDAR scanner, and of course our flagship Matterport Pro2 camera. With more people using Matterport than ever, we are more than just a commercial operation. I am especially proud of our Global Responsibility team that has opened the doors to anyone across the fields of education, archeology, and historic preservation to capture the world as it is, and as it was — to access, explore, and discover significant places for generations to come. This team is looking at new ways to enrich underserved communities and create economic empowerment with our platform. Matterport can play an important role in sharing civic pride and in educating the world through discovery and exploration of history, landmarks, and places of cultural significance all in vivid three dimensional reality accessible everywhere in the world, digitally. 

Over the past year we made a seminal commitment to put the customer at the center of everything we do at Matterport. We started by significantly scaling up our global customer operations group and set customer satisfaction and success to be our top key performance indicator for the company at large. Our commitment to our customers’ and partners’ success has never been more important than it is today. We have plenty of work cut out for us in the years ahead, but I couldn’t be more energized by the progress we are making and the vision we have set for customer excellence. This also includes listening to our customers to help us make better products, build new services, and unlock innovative customizations for our digital twins to extend the Matterport value proposition across the diverse end markets we serve. 

Expanding Matterport’s global reach across the Americas, Middle East, Africa, and Asia Pacific is also critical to our customers’ success. Navigating the pandemic, a global challenge that we are all facing, has accelerated our global first mindset. Our company and growing employee base is more geo-distributed than ever before, which has a profound impact on our ability to meet our customers where they are today — urging us to think globally and act locally. 

To fuel our ambitious growth plans with more speed and bolder innovation, we successfully took Matterport public in the middle of 2021. This transaction helped us raise significant working capital to invest in and maximize the next decade of growth for the company. For Matterport, this milestone marks the start of the start. The culmination of a decade of work along with strong execution will unlock our full potential to transform the largest asset class in the world — the built world. With billions of square feet of buildings and spaces digitized in more than 175 countries, in a world filled with more physical buildings (4 billion) than websites online, it is indeed just the start of the start. 

Amidst the flurry of activity this year we also celebrated our 10-year anniversary. This milestone provided a timely opportunity to reflect on our journey and recognize how important the Matterport community is to us. It is you, our customers, partners, and our Matterport capture technicians around the world, that have been a vital part of the mission to digitize the built world.  You inspire us to be the best Matterport we can be, constantly listening, learning, and leading the industry that you helped us create more than a decade ago. It is with our deepest gratitude that we say thank you for an incredible year and a pioneering decade of innovation. 

Turning to 2022 and the next decade, I am incredibly fired up for all that Matterport aims to achieve, leading the digital transformation of the built world. We are focused on mobilizing our growing workforce, scaling our enterprise platform, and increasing our focus on more powerful end market solutions. We have so much in store for 2022 and beyond! Along the way, we will work tenaciously to keep the customer at the center of all that we do. As part of that commitment, we will hold ourselves accountable to you, and continue to invest in you, the customer. Our door is open. We’re listening. And together, we’re changing the world. 

To our customers and partners, old and new, our sincerest gratitude and a hearty thanks for your unwavering support over the years. Fasten your seat belts and get ready for the start of the start!


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