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Take a Seat in a Local Barbershop in Kensington, UK

Visual Immersion brings the unique Gould Barbers experience to customers through Matterport scans

Based in the bustling city center of Kensington, Gould Barbers is a modern barbershop that services the local community with top-quality haircuts and a fun shop atmosphere. From fades to beard cuts to children’s cuts, this family-owned shop strives to provide a customized haircut that fits the needs of each customer.

Yet, with Covid-19 affecting shops across every industry, many stores have had to limit customer appointments and enforce additional safety measures, including Gould Barbers. To help engage with customers in the online space, the shop reached out to Visual Immersion LTD to create a 3D digital twin using Matterport technology.

We caught up with Ryan Becker, Managing Director of Visual Immersion LTD, to discover how Matterport scans have been helpful within the retail industry for one-of-a-kind shops like Gould Barbers.

How has the COVID pandemic impacted you?

At Visual Immersion, safety is our number one priority during the pandemic. When capturing we ensure that all of our work and employees are 100% Covid-19 secure. This gives all of our clients peace of mind when choosing us for their Matterport digital twins.

We’ve also been approached by a much more diverse set of industries during Covid-19, and have delivered some fantastic work for retailers, pop-up shops, galleries, football clubs, Team GB, and (of course!) barbers.

What inspired the 3D capture of this space?

Gould Barbers are really redefining the traditional barbershop and creating a fantastic brand.  Their shop fit looks amazing (as you will see from the model), creating an oasis of calm in the center of busy Kensington. What I love is that you can also learn more and apply to work for the company within the model.

Gould Barbers 1

What do you want visitors to take away after exploring the digital twin of Gould Barbers?

Gould Barbers are creating some great places to get your haircut across the UK.  

The model helps more customers see and sense the experience prior to booking. It also shows that the company is following Covid-19 guidelines with additional safety measures, like wider spacing between chairs. Visitors can use Measurement Mode to measure the distances themselves or explore the Mattertags to learn more about the latest haircuts and services, redeem Tesco Clubcard vouchers, and even book an appointment all within the model.

Gould Barbers 2

Do you have any plans to capture more 3D experiences?

We have something very special in the pipeline with Team GB following their huge success in the recent 2021 Olympics.

At Visual Immersion, we love maximizing the Matterport universe and exploring new ideas for fantastic, innovative, and user-friendly models. Contact us if you would like to chat more about our 3D offerings.


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