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Take a virtual vacation at The Cloister at Sea Island Resort

Harlan Hambright Architectural Photography enables visitors to walk through this exclusive location

Located on a private island off the coast of Georgia, The Cloister at Sea Island Resort is a five-star getaway destination for vacation lovers. As more hotels and resorts turn to the digital space to appeal to new and current travelers, Sea Island Resort reached out to Harlan Hambright Architectural Photography to capture an immersive, 3D scan of their luxury spaces and campuses, including The Cloister.

Passionate about the combination of 3D computer modeling with photography, Hambright uses Matterport technology to bring physical spaces to life by creating digital twins of them. With his expertise, he has updated The Cloister at Sea Island Resort’s website with its digital twin to provide guests with exclusive digital access to their rooms, pathways and sights.

Besides allowing travelers and resort-goers the opportunity to explore and view the space before making a reservation, these scans are also impressive assets to clients looking to book weddings, meetings or larger events at the resort. Matterport digital twins also include links within each scan where guests can check out additional spaces and learn more about the benefits and activities that Sea Island Resort offers. 

“Sea Island is my biggest Matterport client — I have scanned hundreds of resort rental and real estate listings for them. They decided to go big with their virtual website and thus began a several-week scan-and-capture project of all of their campuses,” said Hambright. “I really like the Spa scan for Sea Island which you can access through the deep link in the porte-cochere. Explore the path down to the waterfall or chapel, or The Solarium in the Cloister.”

Explore the Cloister at Sea Island Resort


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