Touring the halls of one of Spain's most iconic schools

The Claret School of Barcelona and Jotalab give prospective students a personal tour

Claret Barcelona first opened its doors to students in 1871, and today, the school is continuously innovating and using new technologies to enhance the learning experience. 

When COVID-19 hit and administrators were unable to welcome prospective students to tour the halls of the school, Claret Barcelona partnered with digital agency Jotalab to take matters into the digital world. 

We spoke with the founder and CEO of Jotalab, Jaime Flores, to learn more about the project.


Q: At Jotalab, why do you offer virtual 3D tours?

We’re a digital agency that offers quality services, and Matterport is the leader in 3D digital twin technology. It's all about user experience. Viewers can navigate the space simply by clicking or tapping their screen, enjoying the amazing dollhouse view, and the transition from one point to the next is seamless. We want to offer our clients the best possible product.

Q: Why do you focus on schools?

We like to collaborate with our city and society. Why not help schools show their spaces to more families, without physical or time barriers? 

We focus our energy on assisting different kinds of educational institutes to bring together innovative projects. We’re happy to help all of them get great results. One of our past clients has had over 27,000 visits to their 3D digital twins in less than three months.

Q: What inspired the 3D capture of the Media Center at Claret Barcelona**?**Due to the situation brought about by the pandemic, Claret Barcelona School contacted us and we worked together to develop a strategy to create their 3D models. They found that they were unable to open their doors to families interested in visiting the school. As such, they decided to give virtual reality a try. 

Claret Barcelona classroom

Q: How have school faculty, parents, and children been able to use the 3D models of the school? 

They’ve embedded the virtual tour into their website and promoted it through their social networks to make it easy for users to find it. During online meetings with families interested in the school, Claret Barcelona shares the virtual tour with them and explains how it works, as well as how they can access information about the different programs offered at the school.

Claret Barcelona pool

Q: What are the “must-sees” you want visitors to explore and why?We’ve chosen classrooms from each stage (preschool, primary, secondary and upper

secondary). Through videos, photographs, and brief texts, families can visit the classroom settings and see the materials and other resources that are available to students. We’ve also incorporated other facilities available on school premises, such as the swimming pool, sports pavilion and the laboratories.

Q: What’s the one thing you want visitors to take away after exploring the school?Our goal was to show that the institution has fully embraced new technologies and that they’re completely integrated into the classroom to promote a more significant, collaborative, and dynamic learning experience in a comfortable and secure environment. We included video presentations describing different aspects of Claret Barcelona School, highlighting a commitment to being a values-based school that is welcoming and inclusive.


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