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Transform Travel & Hospitality Experiences

Register for Space Jam, the Matterport event series that showcases how our partners enhance Matterport 3D virtual walkthroughs and digital twins to provide your customers with immersive experiences.

Travel and hospitality covers a wide range of experiences. From vacation rentals and hotels to event spaces, restaurants, and private venues, and every bookable location in between. Now, more than ever before, you can captivate consumers while they visualize themselves in your location before they step foot on-site. At Matterport we understand the value of engaging your customer interactions right from the start. 

Matterport 3D walkthroughs act as the foundation for building customer interactions, but there is more to the story than that first virtual tour. Innovations that drive higher occupancy rates by improving marketing effectiveness and extending online engagement are available to you through our Partner Program. 

Explore the offerings below and join us on January 20 for Space Jam, the Matterport Platform Partner Demo event.  Learn how Partners can take your business to the next level with live demos and conversations about each offering. Come ready to vote on your favorite presentation! 

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Allseated offers a comprehensive suite of venue solutions. Starting with Vision, which powers virtual venue tours to boost sales and plan events remotely. Allseated also offers EXVO,  a virtual platform that allows you to create immersive, fully branded experiences with features that keep your audience completely engaged. 

Use this solution to:  

  • Showcase venues virtually 
  • Work collaboratively in real time to build project plans 
  • Build site layouts and seating charts with the ability to view in 2D and virtually in 3D
  • Create virtual and hybrid event experiences

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VIEWAR creates immersive AR experiences for physical and digital spaces with Matterport. From providing navigational support for museums, shopping malls and event venues, to generating step-by-step instructions on the factory floor, businesses across all industries can optimize their processes and create better experiences for both customers and employees using VIEWARs offerings.

Use this solution for:  

  • Tagging
  • Indoor navigation
  • Floor plans
  • Virtual staging 

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Virtuprove powers the Virtushow Pro solution, providing a full immersive virtual guide for your venue.  Virtuprove now combines years of experience in Virtual Capturing with the latest technologies in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality to help sales and marketing teams in the hospitality industry showcase the look and feel of their MICE spaces in a more efficient manner. 

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Use this solution to: 

  • Elevate the virtual presence of spaces
  • Make it easy for your clients to visualize event spaces 
  • Attract more events to your spaces

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Zuant is a lead capture app for sales, events and marketing teams. New Zuant 3D helps teams capture and qualify valuable leads via multi-space navigation, live reporting, and sales lead follow up in CRM and marketing systems. It's - an all- in- one, easy- to- use system for Matterport users. 


Use this solution for: 

  • Lead capture for Matterport  

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Whether you are using Matterport today, or looking to take your business to the next level, Matterport Platform Partners are your key to unlock the next level of innovation in your customer experience evolution. Join us on January 20, 2022 for Space Jam, where you will gain access to the solutions that will provide your customers with unforgettable experiences. Come ready to learn and vote on your favorite solution during this Matterport Partner Travel and Hospitality focused demo event.  

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