Upscale hotel showcases event spaces remotely through new real-time, multi-staging tech

Matterport technology used to create new ‘One Room Many Occasions’ Virtual Tours

Mark Shepherd

When planning large-scale events, it can be tricky to visualize what a venue might look like or which space might work best for which occasion. And in today’s travel-restricted times, that’s even more challenging, as attending venues in-person is often limited or impossible. Specialist photographer Apollo 3D developed an innovative solution to this issue with Matterport scans, enabling the iconic Country Living Hotel in Yorkshire to remotely showcase its rooms and event spaces - with a twist. Apollo 3D’s new ‘One Room Many Occasions’ technique transforms room decor in real-time to showcase different staging options, allowing viewers to see and experience what each event space would look like when set for different occasions as they ‘walk’ through a digital twin of the property. 

We connected with Mark Shepherd, Managing Director at Apollo 3D, who spearheaded the project.

Q: What inspired the 3D captures and are there any “must-sees” you want visitors to explore? 

Country Living had just gone through a complete rebrand and extensive renovation to integrate more modern, sought-after designs into its classic property in the heart of Harrogate. Our team used Matterport cameras to bring the revamped space to life and allow anyone, anywhere to view it remotely online, and see every angle of the hotel in 3D in a way that truly captures and reflects the significant investment Country Living had made into its refurbishment. 

The highlight? Our pioneering ‘ORMO’ (One Room Many Occasions) technique, achieved by merging together multiple Matterport scans. See how the ballroom is empty when you walk into it, and then one step further forward the room transforms into a wedding breakfast! As viewers continue their virtual walkthrough, the room again transforms to showcase the staging of a wedding ceremony. ORMO is the perfect reflection of Country Living’s capabilities as a space for multiple event settings and enables event planners to truly visualize how space can be used.

Q: How is Country Living Hotel using their Matterport scans?

Being able to present many different rooms with varied virtual staging in real time enables customers to quickly see how different spaces can look for different events, helping them to visualize and plan. Also, everyone in Harrogate and the surrounding area can check out the scans - our project has generated huge interest both locally and internationally. Country Living Hotel is central to Harrogate’s historic spa town, which is immediately visible in the scans as they use external images around the building - so that’s another bonus for event planners looking to show a true representation of the surrounding area.

Q: What’s the one thing you want visitors to take away after exploring the Country Living Hotel?

Country Living’s authenticity in showing all areas and rooms in 3D rather than 2D photos. Statistics show that this builds consumer trust - in fact, hotels that use 3D technology on their websites can increase customer engagement levels by 300-600%. 3D scans are a great way to improve the profile and tourism of an area and give businesses a competitive edge. But it’s not only inspirational because it is a window into this hotel and captures an important piece of Harrogate history - it also gives viewers great ideas for styling and remodeling their own homes.

Q: The size of this model is immense. What were some challenges tackling a project this large?

As this is one of the world’s largest operations to scan a hotel, the planning and logistics had to be carefully considered. Country Living Hotel was still operational and midway through its remodeling when our scanning began so coordinating with tradesmen, housekeeping, front of the house and our 3D scan team was key to our success. Since then, we have also created a 3D model of its sister property the Country Living Hotel in Bath which also underwent a similar investment and transformation.


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