The Verdict: iPhone Users Embrace 3D with Matterport Capture app

Over 100,000 downloads in three months can’t be wrong

With today’s announcement of the iPhone 12 Pros with LiDAR, Apple has taken a big step in making powerful 3D sensing hardware mainstream via its ever popular smartphone. At Matterport, we couldn’t be more excited about this development and its applications. It confirms a hunch we long had -- that 3D scanning technology can open up a world of possibilities, not just for business, but for everyday life. It also validates the bet we made earlier this year in bringing Matterport’s industry leading 3D scanning and collaboration capabilities to the iPhone.

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For the past nine years, Matterport has continually set the standard in 3D capture, now used by thousands of the most well-known companies around the world, including WeWork, VRBO, Redfin, and many more.

The Matterport platform has captured and analyzed billions of square feet of space, so we felt confident that the technology was ready for use on an iPhone. Back in May, we released our proprietary technology on the iPhone, unlocking the potential for billions of people around the world to participate in the 3D revolution that is happening everywhere.

The shelter-in-place orders due to the coronavirus made it even more clear that greater accessibility to Matterport technology could help people navigate uncertainty. The launch of the Matterport Capture app for iPhone came months ahead of schedule, and at a time of crisis to help keep the real estate and property industry moving forward when physical access to spaces and buildings continues to be severely limited.

But we quickly saw that Matterport for iPhone not only helped the real estate industry, but many other industries as well. Organizations opened virtual museum tours globally, enabled insurance and restoration claims to continue, as well as allowed apartments, offices and warehouses to continue to be rented. Professional photographers have even been using their iPhones to capture spaces, expanding their businesses and creating new revenue streams.

We also believed that the Matterport Capture app for iPhone would be a way for people stuck at home to reconnect with their friends, family and colleagues in an exciting way – to literally invite them into their worlds. Which people from all over the world have done. We have even seen small businesses capture their stores, add eCommerce through Mattertags, and transact through virtual walkthroughs of their 3D spaces.

What we didn’t anticipate is how many people would embrace 3D capture on their iPhones and iPads. In just 3 months, over 100,000 people have downloaded the Matterport Capture app to capture, share, and collaborate in spaces like never before.

Since May, we have seen innovative and heartwarming use cases, including:

  • Capturing and sharing personal spaces with friends and family.

  • Capturing a room in rich detail to redesign and redecorate it.

  • Selling or renting a place with an immersive virtual tour.

  • Combining virtual walkthrough shopping experiences with eCommerce capabilities to allow businesses small and large to open their doors to people from all over the world to shop. 

  • Capturing a residence and all of its belongings to be ready for anything, including fires, hurricanes, and floods.

  • Scanning a location that’s near and dear to preserve the memory of it before moving on to somewhere else.

While we work on making the Matterport Capture app compatible with the iPhone 12 line-up, we’re excited to feature the top twelve 3D spaces already captured by iPhone users from around the world. Download the free app and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram over the next few days to get inspired. 

To kick things off, check out #12. If you’re looking for a work space makeover, this beautiful home office includes links to buy what you like.


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