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Visual Reality 3D is first to bring the Pro2 to Switzerland

First VAR in Switzerland services real estate, photography and travel, and hospitality professionals

We’re continuing to expand our value-added reseller program in Switzerland with Visual Reality 3D, bringing the Matterport Pro2 to the country for the first time. Adding the Matterport Pro2 to its technology array will allow its customers to capture physical spaces in 3D - and work more efficiently and sustainably. 

As a Matterport reseller, Visual Reality 3D enables those in professional photography, real estate, travel, and hospitality the opportunity  to employ cutting edge 3D capture technology to their businesses. When rooms, shops and showrooms can be visited in immersive 3D from anywhere, at any time – without flights, cars, or trains – new horizons are  opened that can expand customer bases and increase customer loyalty.

Visual Reality 3D is based in Zurich and brings 25 years of experience to the table. The company offers a multilingual team and a 3D training academy program useful for professionals interested in utilizing the Pro2 to its fullest. The company focuses on creating 3D shops, 3D visits, and 360-degree tours that can be embedded into websites to offer inspiration and intrigue to customers.

Matterport is expanding its Value-Added Reseller program across the globe. If you are a company interested in learning about the benefits of the program, visit


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