VR Digital brings innovation to Thailand’s Architecture, Engineering and Construction community with Matterport

Building Information Modeling specialist offers new solutions powered by digital twins

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We are proud to announce our latest trade partner, VR Digital. Founded in 1993, the Thailand-based group has specialized in providing best-in-class Building Information Modeling (BIM) solutions and services to their clients. From implementation to training and end-to-end consulting, the team at VR Digital serves as Thailand's premier BIM consultants and service providers.

Now, powered by Matterport’s digital twin technology and their own in-house 3D expertise, VR Digital is leading the charge for the digital transformation of the architecture, real estate, and media industries in Thailand.

“The Matterport platform allows customers in their respective fields to better understand the spaces that they are working in during the initial design phase through project completion,” explains Pasas Kongsamut, Managing Director at VR Digital. “Clients can now ‘see’ their projects online after capturing their design space with Matterport.”

Increasingly, real estate developers and building owners are requesting digital twins of their buildings to aid in planning, construction, and property maintenance in real-time. This increased demand is exactly what has led more and more contractors across Thailand to seek out VR Digital’s services. 

The team at VR Digital attributes a major portion of their success with BIM with how they’re helping contractors use digital twin technology across various projects. Three-dimensional graphical and informational models are created by designers and used by contractors during the construction process. Now, with VR Digital’s partnership with Matterport, the process is even easier.

“The Matterport Pro2 3D camera can readily be used during construction to keep track of progress,” says Pasas . “From the systems behind walls to quality control during the final stages of each project, there’s no shortage of opportunities to leverage digital twins for construction projects and make the process easier from start to finish. Contractors can highly benefit from using Matterport’s technology.”

As a new Matterport channel sales partner, VR Digital offers wider access to digital twin technology and AI-powered BIM solutions that streamline workflows like never before. “With Matterport and our deep knowledge of BIM, we can provide clients a complete solution to aid in their digital transformation and help the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry grow faster,” says Pasas.

Alexander Zhang, Matterport’s Southeast Asia Channel Manager, shares “when it comes to the adoption of digital twins in Thailand, VR Digital has been an invaluable partner. Since they joined in July of 2021, we’ve seen some serious traction and significant growth across the market.”

Matterport continues to expand across the globe through our Channel Partner Program and is seeking new partners. As a valued partner, your company can join a growing network of specialists helping drive the digital transformation of the built work by offering your customers the world’s leading 3D capture solution. If your company is interested in becoming a partner, register now at https://matterport.com/become-matterport-channel-partner.


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