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Walk through Collectibles R Us to shop for unique models and memorabilia

Learn how Adrian Barker is bringing UK retail shops to life for out-of-town customers with digital twin technology

As more retail stores expand their presence into the online shopping space, many are seeking new ways to attract and interact with potential and current customers. Specifically, how can shops recreate their physical atmosphere and personality digitally?

Adrian Baker, owner of Adrian Baker Virtual Tours, is providing a solution to this problem with Matterport. Capturing state-of-the-art 3D scans of spaces for the retail, commercial and leisure industries in the UK, he helps customers create digital twins that can recreate the traditional in-person shopping experience. As long as shoppers have access to the internet, they can virtually walk through dimensionally accurate and interactive 3D models of their favorite stores.

A great example of this is Baker’s collaboration with Collectibles R Us in Wycombe, England. With a digital twin of this store, shoppers from all over the world can explore all of the unique models and memorabilia of train sets, cars and more only available in the UK store. The 3D tour includes Mattertags that allows customers to learn more about individual items and make purchases along the way. With Matterport, Collectibles R Us is able to connect with a wider audience to share their one-of-a-kind collection.

We reached out to Adrian to discuss how he’s utilized Matterport for Collectibles R Us to reinvent the way customers engage with retail in the online space.


Q: What inspired the 3D capture of Collectable R Us? 

This store is in a low footfall location and they have been trying to increase their presence through local papers and social media with limited success. They were a prime candidate for a digital twin of their shop to share their products with a wider audience. Now, they can attract out-of-town business through online shopping within a 3D replica of their store.

Their success has also been our success. The launch of this virtual store has led to a number of new clients and inquiries for us inside and outside of the UK.


Q: What are the “must-sees” you want visitors to explore and why?

Simply look around the digital space — many of us grew up making models, setting up train sets, and playing with RC cars. Hopefully, there will be some nostalgia and perhaps a rekindled urge for visitors to have another go.


Q: What’s the one thing you want visitors to take away after exploring your 3D tour?

This is a small independent store, owned and managed by passionate enthusiasts. I want visitors to see what a great little store this is and spend time exploring the wide range of products and services they provide visitors.

With Matterport, visitors are able to have a good look around, and — using strategically placed Mattertags — they can view and purchase a wide range of products.


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