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Walk Through the Floors of the iconic Nasdaq MarketSite at Times Square

Learn how our Matterport Capture Technicians create immersive tours and share 3D virtual spaces with the world

Matterport technology has the power to transform celebrated, and often out-of-reach, buildings and properties into interactive 3D digital twins that can be explored by anyone at any time with a computer or mobile device.

Recently, one of our highly skilled Matterport Capture Technicians, King Li, was invited to scan floors of the historic Nasdaq MarketSite at Times Square. Li has been working with Matterport since 2018 to showcase New York City properties through engaging virtual tours, but COVID-19 has caused a significant increase in the market for digital twin technology — resulting in exciting new clients like the Nasdaq MarketSite.

We spoke with King, cofounder of SSK Showcase and Matterport Capture Technician, to hear about his experience capturing the Nasdaq MarketSite and the importance of 3D digital twin technology. Explore the experience that includes a few of the digital twins captured by King here.

Nasdaq 1

Q: Tell us about your capture of the Nasdaq MarketSite how did it come to be?

One day during the COVID-19 pandemic, in late-2020, we received an email from the marketing department at Nasdaq inquiring about our service. They saw our previous work done for other clients and were impressed. It took a while for them to get the approval for the scan but finally reached back out in March with the go-ahead.

Nasdaq 3

Q: What did you enjoy the most about capturing this iconic space? What was the most challenging?

Being able to explore what takes place inside this iconic building was an amazing experience. It’s a place the entire world looks up to and billions and billions of dollars are exchanged here daily. It was exciting to experience it all as if I had an exclusive VIP pass.

Nasdaq 2

Q: How long have you been capturing spaces with Matterport? Tell us about your business.

My first contact with Matterport was back in 2018. I was a part-time real estate broker then and wanted a service to make my listings stand out amongst others. That didn't go too well because owners were reluctant to sign on for the additional cost. Then I approached colleagues to join and use my service, which was challenging as well. Not many people believed in it at first and saw it as an extra expense from their commission.

Then the pandemic hit and it was a game-changer. I started getting calls in March and April when New York City was locked down. None of the brokers were out there showing properties and there were no options to show other than using the dimensionally accurate and photorealistic 3D virtual tours that are generated from Matterport digital twins.

Q: What's your favorite space that you captured and why?

For most of the world, when we see any Nasdaq-related content, it’s from the television or the internet. It was a tremendous experience to be able to be at the Nasdaq Studio A Opening Bell table and see all of the things that are involved each day to keep our world's exchange in motion. I told myself that I'll be back one day and, when I do, it’ll be my company listed on the Nasdaq exchange.


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