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Walk through this showroom to bring your dream renovation projects to life

Studio Quattro is sharing Matterport experiences with clients across Mexico to transform the online retail world

Based in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, Plomeria Selecta is the biggest tile and plumbing store in the area, with a variety of products to renovate all home spaces. To help customers picture their ideal home renovation projects, the store has staged sets to show what can be achieved through their products.

Plomeria Selecta wanted to evolve their online shopping platform to reflect the in-store experience — especially as the pandemic affected local foot traffic. With this in mind, Studio Quattro captured digital twins of the store to meet their online marketing and retails needs.

Antuan Alonso of Studio Quattro spoke with us about the experience and his plans for sharing Matterport capabilities with businesses across Mexico.

Plomeria Selecta 1

What inspired the 3D capture of this space?

Plomeria Selecta saw an opportunity to build out their digital presence and searched for new marketing options through technology and digital innovation — that’s how they found us at Studio Quattro.

Studio Quattro is the only company that offers Matterport technology in the city, so they reached out to us and we showed them the great options we can work with. They instantly saw the benefits of showing customers their store and products in a different way that can only be achieved with this amazing technology.

What are the “must-sees” you want visitors to explore and why?

Plomeria Selecta contains full sets of staged rooms including the products that they sell. In their digital twin, customers can visit these rooms and imagine walking through their newly renovated bathroom or kitchen. It gives a whole new experience of understanding the products and spaces before they even come to the store.

Plomeria Selecta 2

What do you want visitors to take away after exploring this 3D tour?

As this is a whole new technology that is not well-known in Mexico, Studio Quattro wants to expand the knowledge of this technology and share the possibilities that it brings to a business’ digital capabilities.

By virtually walking through a Matterport of the showroom and browsing through the thousands of products, visitors can hone in on their favorite options before they visit in person. And, they can save time and money because they’re not traveling and visiting the store several times.

Do you have any plans to capture more 3D experiences?

Studio Quattro is working hard to expand Matterport technology within Mexico and we have already closed several deals in the coming months to capture more 3D experiences. Each features different kinds of clients - including a car dealership, a university, and a tile shop - which will show the flexibility of Matterport.


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