Why anyone who owns Procore needs the new Matterport Showcase app

Procore enabled the digital shift of a highly analog industry with Matterport

Procore is the most used construction software in the world. The mission behind their products is to “help teams make better decisions - faster.” It aligns with Matterport’s goal to empower every decision maker - whether it’s a buyer looking for a home, an insurance adjuster examining a property claim, or an owner monitoring construction.

About three years ago, as Matterport was taking its first steps into the construction arena, Procore began to skyrocket. The company honed in on one of the industry’s largest pain points: creating a single source of truth by digitizing construction drawings and associated documentation. 

Procore enabled the digital shift of a highly analog industry. Imagine the massive number of printouts through the construction process, and the inefficient communication that takes place between multiple stakeholders who make ongoing changes that may not be seen by critical members of the project team. A single source of truth on an iPad was revolutionary. It brought with it a new wave of digital tools to help both field and office professionals of the built world. 

Matterport is one of those solutions, providing a new way to keep all project stakeholders up to date, even if they are in different states or countries. 

We are excited to announce that Procore customers can now seamlessly integrate Matterport 3D models into their project management view. This integration is allowing all stakeholders on the project to view a Matterport digital twin of the project without ever leaving their Procore dashboard. 

Most of all, this step represents a new direction for Matterport: to enable an open platform where any software company can leverage the power of a Matterport digital twin. Matterport is committed to making our customers’ workflows easier and more seamless.

Learn how design and construction firm, B.R. & Co., is using the Matterport and Procore integration to streamlining requests for information (RFIs) and inspections when in-person walkthroughs are not possible. 

Are you a Procore and Matterport customer? We invite you to try this integration in your Procore Marketplace. Let us know how it's working for you and where you’d like to see it go. As with everything we do, we welcome your feedback. Email [email protected] with any questions, suggestions or comments.


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