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Find the perfect work space at One Canada Square in London

Browse the myriad of comfortable and productive offices, amenities, and views in the UK’s second tallest building

Looking out over London, One Canada Square offers a clean and friendly workspace for all. Whether your office needs a new space to operate, or you’re looking for a personal productive environment, The Office Group offers spaces with all the amenities. It can now be toured virtually thanks to a Matterport digital twin captured by Scene3D. Visitors can walk through their prospective workspaces, take in the views, see what the Maple & Co Cafe has for sale, and explore details such as the reusable water bottles and coffee cups on each desk.

Alexander Eason, the commercial director of Scene3D LTD, explains more about The Office Group's goals, how they were accomplished with their adoption of a Matterport digital twin, and what this space can offer virtual visitors.

What inspired the 3D capture of this space?

Located in Canary Wharf and holding the title of the UK’s second tallest building, One Canada Square is an iconic part of London’s skyline. Our client, The Office Group (TOG), provides premium office spaces at a range of sites all over the UK. As one of their flagship spaces, TOG was keen to showcase One Canada Square to potential customers. 

One Canada Square 1

What are the “must-sees” you want visitors to explore and why?

Be sure to check out all sides of the workspace, there are great views out across London from every angle. Ideally, visitors should gain an appreciation of the level of interior design and finish they can expect from an office space with TOG.

One Canada Square 2

What are the benefits of your Matterport digital twin?

Matterport allows potential customers to explore the office space immediately in a COVID-friendly way and without disruption to any of the current tenants. We’ve partnered with TOG to roll out Matterport digital twins across the entire TOG portfolio of buildings, which add up to 47 sites across the UK. Head to to explore the other Matterport spaces we have created for them to date. 


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