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Get acquainted with a charity where children’s lives are changed

The capture of the Fashion & Textile Children’s Trust office offers a glimpse into their life-altering work

Visual Immersion, a trustee of the Fashion & Textile Children’s Trust, wanted interested parties to have a life-like view into the power of the small charity with a long history of providing financial support to families in the UK fashion and textile industry. Over the years, the trust’s work attracted the support of some prestigious figures, including Charles Dickens, who was their Chairman of Appeal in 1856. They have received Royal patronage through their 160-year history, including Her Majesty the Queen.

The director of Visual Immersion reached out to tell us more about this important organization and how their Matterport digital twin opens the space to everyone. 

Fashion & Textile Children’s Trust 1

What inspired the 3D capture of this space?
The Fashion & Textile Trust Charity had recently moved into a new office space. As a trustee of this fantastic charity, we offered to capture their space in 3D to help visitors visually understand what they are all about. Visitors worldwide can tap into the carefully placed Mattertags to watch case study videos about how these grants changed families' lives for the better.

The digital twin is not only for those who might donate, but also for the small yet amazing team who could not yet visit their new office due to pandemic restrictions. It’s not a huge area, but this 3D tour offers visitors the chance to virtually explore the space, as well as giving the charity the opportunity to open themselves up to donors from around the world.

Fashion & Textile Children’s Trust 2

What are the “must-sees” you want visitors to explore and why?

The must-sees would definitely include the two case study videos: Malina and Gordon’s stories. They give a thorough understanding of the difference the grants can make in people’s lives and make clear why this work is so important for UK fashion and textile families. The link to the history is great too, revealing how the charity has supported the fashion and textile industry since 1853! 

What’s the one thing you want visitors to take away after exploring your 3D tour?

We want the 3D tour to bring the charity to life and showcase the personalities of the parents and caretakers supported by these grants. By showing the space where this important work happens, we hope that applicants will feel assured that they are being supported by a team who offers a personal and tailored service.

What are the benefits of Matterport digital twins?

The digital twin really brings the uniqueness of the charity to life -- for both the families that benefit (or could benefit) from its support and the fantastic staff and trustees who work tirelessly to support those in need.

Do you have any plans to capture more 3D experiences?

We have many more experiences on the way, including our first venture into schools and education. We will be using some new Mattertag techniques to deliver deep and meaningful engagement with potential pupils and parents. 

Anything else you would like to add?

The model for the Fashion & Textile Trust was delivered free of charge. If you enjoy this digital twin, please donate to this charity so they can continue their excellent work.
Donation site is here: Donate - Drapers x FTCT Covid-19 Appeal | Fashion & Textile Children's Trust


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