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Real estate agencies embracing 3D virtual tours in France will change the way people view property for good

French startup DoorInsider bridges the technology gap for real estate agents, uses tech to redefine the real estate experience
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DoorInsider is a real estate marketplace connecting agents with buyers and renters. They sell customers digital experience by offering professionals a real estate one-stop-shopping experience.

Q: What inspired the idea behind DoorInsider?

FF (CEO): Buying a property is an exciting experience - but it can become a frustrating one when buyers are met with poor quality images provided by the estate agent’s website. This was my experience during our house hunt. As a result, I founded DoorInsider to bring properties to life and ultimately give end-users the best possible viewing experience.

Through a strategic partnership with Matterport, we are able to provide benefits to real estate agents and their end customers. By using Matterport 3D technology combined with our very own post production digital services, we have built a truly all-inclusive real estate marketplace, offering a unique interactive experience when searching and reviewing real estate listings.

Buying or renting your property should be an exciting and positive experience, but instead you can be met with poor quality photos and disappointing value propositions. In today’s world, users' habits and expectations have completely changed thanks to tremendous advances in technology - so it’s natural for them to expect a digital experience that is nothing but flawless - and why not in real estate, as well?

At DoorInsider, we address this by offering real estate agents the ability to effortlessly benefit from Matterport’s state-of-the-art 3D technology in a way that is both professional and aesthetically pleasing. Each listing offers a high quality immersive experience so as to increase attractiveness and confidence to professionals. We aim at bringing technology and clients' demand to real estate professionals!

As a result, the end-user experience is hugely improved as they are now able to browse properties with high quality photos and full 3D tours, totally immersing themselves in a new way of viewing real estate.

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Q: How did DoorInsider start using Matterport’s technology?

FF (CEO): Matterport has been a part of DoorInsider’s entire journey and will continue to be a big part of the business in the future. Matterport’s 3D capturing technology helps us in delivering better experiences for our clients.

Q: What’s the one thing you want real estate agents to take away after exploring Matterport through DoorInsider?

A brand new technology is available within the industry bringing a totally immersive and transformative user experience that will change the way people view property for good and help sell property - faster and more easily.

RF (COO): At DoorInsider, we believe that digital transformations and developments should be embraced at every level. Acting as a bridge between cutting edge technology and real estate agents, it is our mission to enable everyone to access and benefit from the latest digital solutions in real estate.

Real estate agents are able to take the hassle out of DIY photography and/or expensive photo shootings and instead can rely on our services to benefit from the full value proposition of their listings. While agents scan and upload their properties using the camera that we provide them with, our 3D designers then deal with content production by turning them into full ready-to-publish visuals to create a unique user experience including premium-quality pictures and virtual 3D tour for their customers. This empowers end-users to visualise exactly what they would do with the space, which is almost impossible to do using often not-to-scale, lower quality photos.

Matterport’s technology is hugely beneficial for the real estate industry; many agents risk falling by the wayside with outdated image capturing technology. We want to help real estate agents to access this high-end technology, which might otherwise be out of reach for smaller companies, and offer it to the masses to truly disrupt the industry norm.

Q: How has DoorInsider managed to help real estate agents deal with the pandemic?

FF (CEO): The global pandemic brought on by COVID-19 sent shockwaves through the real estate market. With such a high dependence on physical viewings, it seemed at first impossible to provide an end-to-end property viewing experience. 

However, with an entire property available virtually, using true image capturing, the need for a physical viewing is somewhat redundant. Our use of Matterport has helped hundreds of real estate agents make the pivot to digital and continue to provide a property viewing experience. To date, DoorInsider’s 3D designers have showcased 1000+ projects.

Q: How do you see your future relationship developing with Matterport?

RF (COO): Matterport technology is at the heart of our business model and is the best in the field of image capturing. We only want to provide the highest quality to our customers, as this brings all the rest. As we enter 2021, and settling into this new norm, we plan to continue our partnership with Matterport and deliver the best service for estate agents as we expand our reach to new horizons in Europe and APAC


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