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£780 off Matterport Pro2 3D cameras - now only £2,050!  Buy now

Sales: +44(0)2038 747580

Saint-Léger Museum of Art and History Keeps Museum Collection Open with Matterport

Everyone can enjoy instant access to masterpieces and ancient vestiges before and after three month refurbishment

Art continues to provide a source of enjoyment and enrichment during difficult times, so when the Saint-Léger Museum of Art and History, located to the north east of Paris, decided to press ahead with planned renovation work, it turned to Matterport technology to ensure visitors could continue to see one of its most impressive collections. 

As of 6th October 2020, the museum partially closed for work lasting three months, with the room dedicated to the archaeology of the Aisne valley, the history of Soissons and its neighbouring territories becoming inaccessible to the public. Before refurbishment commenced, however, the museum commissioned a highly detailed Matterport virtual tour to ensure every painting, artifact and exhibit in the particular collection affected was captured in all its glory.

As well as giving visitors the chance to walk around the out-of-bounds room as if they were there in person – taking their own free path - the Matterport virtual tours allows people to linger in one spot as long as they want to, double back on themselves to revisit their favourite aspects and get closer to paintings than they may have been able to at busy or crowded times. 

Although the above in itself is an exciting use of Matterport’s scanning technology, it is the Mattertagging that elevates this museum’s user experience. The numerous Mattertags – which appear as circles dotted throughout the virtual tour – allow the viewer to click through to a wealth of enlightening and informative online resources. 

Not only have the in-museum descriptions been included as Mattertags – in both French and English - the hotspots take people off to additional assets, such as detailed web pages and YouTube channels. In fact, the virtual tour offers an unrivalled experience from any wifi-enabled device.

The wonderful collection of masterpieces and ancient vestiges is navigated with ease, thanks to both the Dollhouse view and the bird’s-eye Floor Plan view. The virtual tour can also be viewed in VR using a compatible headset and with a simple click of a button.

Saint-Léger image 2

In addition to the interior, the Matterport scan has captured the beautiful church building in which the fine art and artefacts are set. Four different external scans depicting the intricate architecture can be explored using Matterport’s 360˚ function, providing a comprehensive museum experience for those who can’t visit during the refurbishment, or at all.

In commissioning a Matterport virtual tour, the Saint-Léger Museum of Art and History has not only provided visitors with instant access to an area off-limits during the refurbishment, but has produced a lasting cultural legacy, created a valuable learning resource that is accessible by all, and curated a point-of-reference for security, insurance and restoration purposes.


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