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Shop in a digital twin of a 40,000 square foot furniture showroom in Ireland

LeftOrbit Multimedia brings customers back into Bolands of Gorey to make their furnishing selections virtually

Knowing what customers value in a shopping experience, LeftOrbit Multimedia used Matterport to capture an enormous furniture store in Ireland. Virtual customers can pop open Mattertags to learn all about the chairs, tables, ottomans, and various other home decor available at Bolands of Gorey. 

Bolands furniture experts knew their customers were missing the opportunity to visualize their new items in artfully designed spaces, and contacted LeftOrbit Multimedia to create an entirely new visitor connection. The Matterport digital twin of the showroom effectively brings customers back into the shopping experience from the comfort of their own homes. 

We learned how this was made possible from founder of LeftOrbit Multimedia, Israel Wheatley. 

What inspired the 3D capture of this space?

With the pandemic lockdowns, many businesses needed to close and rely on their online shopping to stay in business. The management team at Bolands were very keen to have their impressive 40,000-square-foot furniture showroom captured once I introduced them to Matterport. This project took over 230 scans which were spaced out about 2 meters apart. The sheer size presented a nice challenge and I knew it would be an incredible example once completed. Just look at that Dollhouse view!

Bolands Of Gorey 2

What are the “must-sees” you want visitors to explore, and why?

We decided early on to incorporate online shopping functionality into this 3D tour with the use of Mattertags. Instead of linking individual items that may change often, we linked Mattertags to the various departments such as sofas, dining, carpets, and bedding.

In this way the customer has the best of both worlds: the convenience of online shopping with an adventurous browsing experience in this huge store.

Bolands Of Gorey 1

What’s the one thing you want visitors to take away after exploring your 3D tour?

This 3D tour proves that local physical businesses can flourish and compete with purely online retail competitors. Matterport 3D tours bring back the joy of a realistic browsing experience instead of leaving shoppers trudging through pages of products online with no physical placement. In this tour, customers can see items that complement each other side by side. There’s also the chance that customers might spot something they weren't actually looking for and make that compulsive buy.

What are the benefits of your Matterport digital twin?

The real benefit is that having this 3D tour front and center on the company's website immediately tells online visitors that this store is huge, well-stocked, and a pleasure to visit.

Do you have any plans to capture more 3D experiences?

LeftOrbit Multimedia is constantly capturing real estate and commercial Matterport 3D tours. Having completed this huge project, we are confident we can handle any assignment. Many businesses used the closed periods during COVID to renovate and refresh their stores, so now is a great time to have them captured in stunning, high-definition 3D


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