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Women of Matterport: Meet Danielle Schaumburg

Our Senior Director of Sales Enablement encourages us to “really dig deep and find what it is you’re passionate about and explore it.”

You might not know it when you meet her, but Danielle Schaumburg, Senior Director of Global Sales Enablement at Matterport, is admittedly shy. 

“I really don’t like attention,” she said. “I do have quite a big personality, but it’s a big personality to bring people together and not be focused on me.” However, being shy has never stopped Danielle from reaching her career goals and speaking up when something needs to be done.

Her number one rule: family first

Danielle grew up in a small town in the East Bay called Pleasanton. “I was brought up with a very, very strong work ethic,” she said. “So I began working at a very young age. My brother started taking me to the restaurant where he worked when I was about thirteen.”

Busing tables and serving bread gave her a good sense of the value of money at an age when most other teenagers would be asking for allowances. Though she was still in school and working, Danielle also quickly learned the importance of family. Both her parents were only children, so, along with her brother, they made a tight family unit. When her mother became ill during Danielle’s senior year of high school, they rallied around her.

This moment in Danielle’s life ended up shaping her career path and the most important piece of advice she herself lives by: Family First. 

Finding a passion for sales enablement

Danielle received her acceptance letter to UC Davis on the same day her mother passed away, something that seemed like fate. There, she majored in organisational studies, explored businesses and sociology classes and, ultimately, found her niche.

“The lifecycle of sales enablement starts when we hire a new person in the sales organisation,” she said of her chosen specialty. She found that helping hire and onboard individuals while driving revenue was her calling. “Improving growth is really one of the pieces I love the most,” she said. “And it’s all about coaching, mentoring and helping people get from one place to another. And I’m really passionate about all three of these things.” 

Danielle loves interacting with people and helping them navigate their career path. When asked about her title she said, “I’m not a trainer, I’m a facilitator. It’s my job to help create the right training to help build the knowledge of the people that are taking the training.” 

Outside of work, Danielle holds the same enthusiasm about being surrounded by friends and family. She loves cooking for her neighbours and friends and spending time outdoors kayaking and golfing with her husband and sons. 

Insights from a career of working with people

Throughout her time working at advertising firms, tech companies, human management organisations, and, of course, Matterport, Danielle has acquired a wealth of experience in the corporate world she wants to share with others

Prioritising family is her golden rule. When she had opportunities to relocate or choose a career that would require traveling for weeks on end, she knew being with her family would always come first.

She also learned about the value of following her heart. When she was offered a position at an international advertising firm after college, she had to withdraw her acceptance to another job. “Really dig deep and find what it is you’re passionate about and explore it,” she said of her experience. “There’s always an opportunity to change your mind. And that’s okay. It’s your life.”

At the same firm, she learned the importance of active listening. “Listen to all the people around you. Not like you're eavesdropping, but just listen to what they're saying.” She credits being observant and engaging in self-reflection with helping her advance in her career.

Danielle also emphasises the power of self-advocacy. “Make sure everybody understands what you do. If they don’t, you could be expendable,” she said. 

There were many occasions when she voiced her opinion, like asking for a raise. When standing up for yourself in business, she said to always be prepared with facts to back up your claim.

As you can see, though Danielle would describe herself as shy, she has always followed her heart to her chosen career and personal life. “Choose joy,” she said. “Life will always be complicated, so learn how to be happy right now.”

Stay tuned to learn more about the hardworking and talented women of Matterport in our next installment. In the meantime, enjoy Danielle’s favorite Matterport space. No surprise, it’s a 3D capture of the Dream Kitchen with a View. You can explore even more 3D experiences on Destination: Everywhere.


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