ArchiTwin Partners with Matterport to Enable 3D Construction Documentation and Facilities Management

Platform embeds real-time messaging, task lists, and other collaboration features into digital twins

Customer results summary:

  • Improves administrative oversight of changing site conditions

  • Helps teams collaborate within a consolidated, digital-twin based platform

  • Provides expected 20-30% travel reduction for facility maintenance clients

  • Provides virtual staging of Matterport digital twins to showcase or simulate space designs

  • Enables digital twin analytics to optimize both physical layouts and online presence

Construction project managers, facilities administrators, and related stakeholders who would like better visibility into site conditions and changes—without needing to travel—have a new way to communicate and collaborate remotely thanks to Tokyo-based Matterport, Inc. Platform Partner, ArchiTwin. Using Matterport developer tools, the company offers a digital twin-centered platform that unifies project information to streamline documentation and improve administrative oversight. 

Chris Christophers

ArchiTwin got its start as a sister company to three existing firms: LivingCG, a Matterport 3D camera authorized reseller in Japan since 2017; exAgent, a Matterport capture service provider; and iPresence, a telepresence, robotics, and systems engineering firm. In response to client requests for ways to better manage their portfolios of 3D models, the ArchiTwin team initially focused on developing embedded navigation tools utilizing the Matterport SDK and APIs. 

By listing the contents of Mattertags on the right side of the digital twin screen, our customers can instantly understand what awaits them inside each space and more easily navigate through it,” says Chris Christophers, Founder, and COO of ArchiTwin.

The company also enhances linking images and videos from Mattertags to provide immersive context about a property.

Transforming Digital Twins into a Digital Workspace

ArchiTwin’s platform becomes a useful team collaboration tool with an integrated real-time message board that can include short video messages, typed information, photos, or other attachments. Flags alert users to new, unread messages while a to-do list feature allows the assignment of tasks. User access controls enable managers to grant access to certain digital twins and different levels of content viewing or editing.

One ArchiTwin client seeing success with the platform is a maintenance company responsible for hundreds of highway service stations across Japan. They’ve started scanning the stations to better document each site, allowing staff to virtually walk through stations, in advance of a visit, to confirm the locations, quantities, and other particulars for a station’s light bulbs, air ducts, electrical outlets, and more. This helps ensure that staff bring the right types of equipment when they visit in person for routine upkeep or special repairs, saving the company potentially hours of driving time. “The company expects to reduce travel by 20 to 30 percent while elevating the level of service it provides for motorists,” says Christophers. 

Documenting a World Heritage Site

Among construction and architecture clients, ArchiTwin is also a winning enthusiast. In a recent restoration project for Mt. Hiei Enryakuji Temple, a 1,200 year old Buddhist temple with important historic value located on the border between Shiga and Kyoto prefectures, the ArchiTwin platform enabled robust documentation of the site to facilitate future preservation. A popular tourist destination and sacred place, tradition calls for renovation of the main wooden building every 60 years. The project manager captured a digital twin of the structure and embedded important details about what lies beneath the roofing and paint, to better inform planning next time the structure comes up for renovation. 

In the meantime, the temple released the 3D virtual model using ArchiTwin navigation on its website. “The virtual tour has attracted more than 20,000 visitors in past six months. The temple is happy to have a new touchpoint with the public, especially during the pandemic,” Christophers says.

Commemorating Architectural Excellence with Virtual Staging

Another capability ArchiTwin has introduced is virtual staging, enabling users to place and move around 3D objects, such as furniture, within the digital twins. The company puts on regular webinars to show customers how easy it is to plan the design of their spaces and create virtual exhibitions with ArchiTwin’s simple virtual staging interface.

To celebrate its 75th anniversary, Azusa Sekkei, an important commercial architecture firm based in Tokyo, worked with ArchiTwin to create a virtual commemorative gallery. A digital twin of one of its offices is enhanced with simulated walls and signage to highlight the firm’s history and accomplishments. Virtually staged exhibits include photos and more than 60 videos about the firm’s projects, from terminal buildings at Tokyo and Narita airports, to its joint venture work on the Japan National Stadium that hosted the opening and closing ceremonies for the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics, and other projects in more than 30 countries.

Digital Twin Analytics with MP Map Analyze

Ryohei Seki

To help clients better understand the effectiveness of their Matterport spaces, ArchiTwin is offering the MP Map Analyze solution developed by its sister company, LivingCG. The analytics tool uses AI and reports on the behavior of digital twin visitors, including navigation route, visit duration, day of the week, time of day, and Mattertags clicked. “This opens the door for our agency clients to offer valuable analytics and consulting services to their end customers that use Matterport, helping them optimize their physical layouts and online presence,” says Ryohei Seki, CEO, ArchiTwin.

nvesting in BIM Clash Detection

ArchiTwin is responding to customer requests to add capabilities within its existing software for comparing BIM models with digital twins. “This clash detection will help customers spot differences between what’s been planned and what’s actually been built,” Christophers says. The company is also looking at features that leverage data collecting and AI analytics technologies.

“Our whole business is based on our strong relationship with Matterport. We see our customer base increasing and we are very encouraged about our future business growth by making the most of new opportunities with Matterport SDKs and APIs,” says Christophers. 

ArchiTwin is a Matterport Platform Partner that leverages Matterport APIs and SDKs to build and commercialize apps and integrations with Matterport’s market-leading spatial data platform. As a Platform Partner, the company gains access to a range of commercial benefits, such as Matterport’s distribution network and enhanced support as well as co-marketing and co-selling programs to help successfully monetize its applications. To learn more about the Platform Partner Program and apply to join, visit


ArchiTwin offers a simple virtual staging system together with remote construction management solutions using the power of digital twins combined with robotics and communications technology.


PRODUCTS Matterport SDKs and Matterport APIs


  • Improves administrative oversight of changing site conditions

  • Helps teams collaborate within a consolidated, digital-twin based platform

  • Provides expected 20-30% travel reduction for facility maintenance clients

  • Provides virtual staging of Matterport digital twins to showcase or simulate space designs

  • Enables digital twin analytics to optimize both physical layouts and online presence


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