Avenue Code uses Matterport APIs and SDKs to help clients craft multimedia experiences to showcase brands, stories, and the origins of a product

A Culture Of Learning Meets A Passion For Innovation

Imagine entering the Nasdaq MarketSite located in Times Square, a site that has celebrated some of the most remarkable companies in global business for the last 50 years. Even though you’re on your laptop or mobile device, you can see every detail vividly as if you were there in person. This one-of-a-kind digital twin of the MarketSite uses immersive 3D technology to let you explore this iconic space, taking you behind the scenes to ring the ceremonial bell that opens and closes the market every day.  

Avenue Code, a leading software consulting firm that develops digital transformation strategies, infrastructure, and solutions, partnered with Matterport to create this experience to celebrate Matterport going public. The dynamic virtual experience demonstrates what’s possible with Matterport and showcases what its partnership with Avenue Code can accomplish for companies worldwide, including measurable increases in customer engagement.

Through Matterport’s robust APIs, SDKs, and customizable Mattertags, Avenue Code teams are able to embed video, photography, copywriting, user experience scripting, and design to craft emotionally resonant multimedia experiences, such as interactive tours focused on the origins of a particular product. These experiences built with Matterport’s APIs and SDKs let companies showcase their brands and stories in ways previously not possible.   

The partnership with Matterport has roots in the Avenue Code culture: Consultants are empowered to engage with the newest technology advances and best practices across fields, sharpening their expertise to share with clients and internal team members alike. 

When the Avenue Code team first started looking into augmented reality and ways to explore space digitally, they consistently encountered one name: Matterport. 

“What we’ve loved about our partnership with Matterport is our ability to be providers of complete augmented virtual experiences,” says Holly Camponez, Director of Creative Services for Avenue Code. “We are extremely choosy about who we partner with at Avenue Code, and part of our job as consultants is to know what’s the best in the market and what’s out there. When you look at a digital twin, it is the ideal foundation upon which to build any kind of fully augmented virtual experience.” 

Reaching New Heights With Virtual Experiences

Partnering with Matterport allows Avenue Code to take a more proactive role in developing strategies that turn client goals into virtual realities that can educate, entertain, and show the possibility within any client space or product.

The experiences developed by the Avenue Code team enable clients to walk through factories to take inventory or outline safety measures, onboard new employees with remote views of office spaces, set up virtual classrooms, guide real estate or tourist agency clients on safe remote tours of properties, or let shoppers enjoy the fun of browsing store aisles online. 

“Matterport represents a whole new category of communication and interaction, so the challenges that it solves are really endless,” says Camponez. 

After collaborating on projects for clients in agriculture, manufacturing, real estate, telecommunications, retail, and other industries, Avenue Code created a special experience to mark the milestone of Matterport becoming a public company. There was no better way to tell Matterport’s story and share the full range of its capabilities than to show what Avenue Code could do with Matterport digital twins of the Nasdaq space.

Inside the Matterport + Avenue Code Virtual Experience

In the immersive experience Avenue Code created for Matterport, voiceover narration describes how the concept of a space has evolved from the rise of skyscrapers to the emergence of mobile offices before introducing Matterport as an innovator in reconceptualizing space today. 

Clicking on the blue Nasdaq wall in the lobby launches a video that introduces Matterport to the world. The 10th-floor display showcases powerful testimonials from Matterport customers in construction, real estate, tourism, retail, insurance restoration, and other industries sharing how Matterport technology has transformed their businesses. Stepping out onto the balcony, viewers are treated to a view of Times Square and a pop-up video about how Matterport for iPhone lets anyone capture digital twins with just the phone in their pocket. 

“All of the overlays, all the augmentations, all the embedded videos are riding on the Matterport technology and built on top of the Matterport SDKs,” says Camponez. “Matterport allows us to tell more interactive and engaging multimedia stories about the value our clients bring with their products and services. The experiences we create with Matterport Developer Tools are powerful vehicles to enable our clients to build brand awareness and loyalty.”

The crowning moment of the Nasdaq virtual experience takes visitors to the famous Nasdaq studio where they can experience what it’s like to stand behind the podium and ring the ceremonial bell that daily opens and closes the market. Visitors are then invited to learn more about Matterport on its website. 

It’s clear that immersive experiences drive business impact. The launch of the Nasdaq MarketSite digital twin experience increased traffic to Matterport’s website, engaging visitors 15% longer and growing free subscriptions 14%.

Creating Lightbulb Moments, One Experience At A Time

The Avenue Code team has seen, up close, how Matterport benefits partners and clients. Now, the company has an entire team dedicated to creating innovative virtual experiences with the technology.

Matterport also complements Avenue Code’s emphasis on shared knowledge and growth. Development teams from both companies work side-by-side to push the limits of technology to offer more responsive, user-oriented experiences. 

“There’s nothing better than seeing a client’s eyes light up when we show them how the virtual experience we’ve developed for them is going to solve a challenge or help them engage their own customers,” says Camponez. “We’re excited to have Matterport as a partner to bring better solutions, strategies, and experiences to our clients.”  


Avenue Code is a software consulting firm that delivers end-to-end development solutions for digital transformation. The company brings technical acumen, collaborative problem-solving ability, and professionalism to every client engagement.



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