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IFTI emerges as a leading construction surveyor by embracing 3D technology

By performing concrete slab moisture testing for more than twenty years, IFTI is a leader in helping clients reduce expenses on floor installations. For IFTI, it’s about supporting clients throughout the project and helping them evaluate the scope of a project, which leads to informed decisions, achievable timelines, and successful installations that eliminate flooring failures and costly mitigation systems.

IFTI helps clients beyond floor testing.

With the rapid growth of commercial development, many of the company’s largest clients turned to IFTI to keep pace by helping to survey commercial construction spaces. “Our clients placed a lot of trust in our expertise and expect us to accurately and efficiently document their spaces,” James Duffy, Vice President of Business Development at IFTI said. “The Matterport Pro2 camera gives us an easy-to-use, comprehensive way to capture 3D spaces and exceed client expectations.”

3D models is the foundation of growth.

Embracing 3D technology enabled IFTI to diversify and grow. In addition to moisture testing, clients contract IFTI to document construction progression — from the time the walls go up, to the grand opening, to the marketing promotion.

With Matterport, IFTI provides construction clients with documentation for success.

The Matterport Cloud enables IFTI to share 3D scans with some clients weekly. “In the past, our project managers were on an ‘island,’ struggling to create punch lists, communicate, and resolve issues,” Duffy said. “Today, our clients can conduct virtual walkthroughs with Matterport 3D models, reviewing progress and crowdsourcing an entire team of experts.” The Matterport 3D models replace disconnected 2D photos and punch lists. “When we speak with project managers, they are grateful for the 3D models,” Duffy said. “They tell us they have the context needed to transfer information, resolve issues faster, and maintain timelines.” More frequent scanning reduces change orders. “Project managers are identifying and resolving issues earlier in the construction lifecycle,” Duffy said.

3D models help construction clients estimate with accuracy.

National Contractors Incorporated (NCI), a client of IFTI, contract with the company to scan sites before remodel. “NCI is tightening the window for pre-bidding, while, at the same time, widening the pool of subcontractors,” Duffy said. “If subcontractors are unable to physically walk the site, they can complete a virtual walkthrough and access the data necessary to scope the project accurately.

3D insights cement success for design, engineering, marketing, and operations.

When it is time for the grand opening, contractors use the Matterport Cloud to share the 3D model with leadership. “Contractors are capturing the mindshare of c-level executives on projects, such as new prototypes for retail stores, without the demands of travel or site visits.” Duffy recognizes the value of the Matterport 3D space extends beyond the construction phase. “The value of one scan quintuples as it becomes a resource for construction, engineering, design, marketing, operations, and facilities management,” Duffy said.