L2 IoT Solutions Partners with Matterport and Builds Shoppable 3D Stores

Augmented reality firm adds interactivity, branding, and commerce to Matterport digital twins

Customer results summary:

  • Branded, shoppable 3D experiences 

  • Increased visits to physical stores

  • Better store design with digital heat maps

  • Improved shopping mall wayfinding​​

The emerging metaverse could change the world more than mobile devices or even the internet itself, and organizations worldwide are partnering with Matterport, Inc.™ to lead the way. Hong Kong-based L2 IoT Solutions helps its clients transform 3D virtual spaces into curated experiences and business opportunities. Using the tools in its VR experience platform, clients can transform 3D tours into 3D stores, add their own logos and background music, build fully immersive and customized tours, and more.  

It starts by capturing indoor and outdoor spaces using Matterport Pro2 and Leica BLK360 cameras, then the company uses Matterport technology to generate 3D digital twins that include high-resolution imagery and spatial measurements. From there, it uses the Matterport SDK and API to integrate the digital twin into its own software VR experience platform. L2 is a full-service shop, so it handles the front-end interface, software-hardware integration, back-end support, and customizations that its customers dream up. 

Danny Ng

“We’ve been a Matterport partner since 2020 because it produces rich visuals in 4k resolution that we can easily build on,” says Danny Ng, COO, L2 IoT Solutions. “The Matterport SDK and API integrate perfectly with our system. And while 4k resolution files are normally huge, Matterport can compress a 100MB file into a 10MB file that works great with software that most people have already installed.”

L2’s two main applications are 3D wayfinding in large commercial spaces like malls and fully shoppable 3D e-commerce for luxury retail and fashion brands. 

Shopping Mall Wayfinding at Tsuen Wan Plaza

Shopping in a mall isn’t always as user-friendly an experience as it should be. Traditional directories are often inscrutable, and maps tend to be too detailed or not detailed enough. Memorizing routes is often a challenge. 

L2 has two solutions for wayfinding, and its customers include Tsuen Wan Plaza (TW Plaza) in Hong Kong. With the first solution, customized Temi robots on wheels guide visitors to their destinations. “The robots are fantastic,” Ng says, “but sometimes kids want to stop them and play with them in the middle of a guided journey, so that inspired us to build a second solution.”

The second uses guided Matterport tours to direct visitors. Rather than looking at a map or, worse, trying to memorize one anchored to a fixed location, visitors can simply scan a QR code and follow photorealistic 3D routes on their mobile devices. L2 even provides route-finding options for disabled visitors who need to use elevators and wheelchair ramps instead of escalators and stairs. 

Ecommerce, Fully Immersive and Branded

L2’s second main application is digitally replicating a physical store’s design features, look and feel, and branding into a shoppable 3D experience. It starts again with a Matterport digital twin of a real store, then it integrates a commerce engine like Shopify or WooCommerce into the virtual space.

Kelly Zhang

“We build so much more than simple product displays,” says Kelly Zhang, Business Development Manager, L2 IoT Solutions. “Our tool can turn any data point into product information that pops up with a click. That product information is seamlessly connected to the e-commerce shop so that customers can have a complete shopping experience inside Matterport.”

Branding is important to L2’s retail clients. They want a consistent image for their companies for an omnichannel experience - both online and off. That includes everything from store design and product displays to background music and vibe. Naturally, they don’t want their web stores to look exactly the same as everyone else’s. They want customers who know their brand well to instantly recognize it, even online. And with Matterport and L2, they can.

L2 saturates Matterport digital twins with a client’s branding, logos, and background music to digitally recreate the in-store experience for clients like Biyufeng, a luxury jewelry brand in China, and I.T. Apparel, a well-known fashion brand in Hong Kong.

“Visitors can virtually walk around the digital store as if they’re there in person and experience not just how it looks but also how it sounds and feels,” Ng says. “And when visitors tour the digital version of a store, they’re often more interested in visiting the physical store. So, we go beyond mere online browsing and purchasing and build a bridge between the two stores.”

Better Store Design with Digital Heat Maps

The online 3D stores L2 builds are not static. Retailers can incorporate temporary seasonal themes for summer and holidays, add seasonal displays, and recapture and redesign to their heart’s content. Redesigns can be guided not only by creative inspiration but also by insights gleaned from Google Analytics and custom-built heat maps. 

L2 recently built a heat map for a global luxury apparel and retail brand, which saw a huge increase in traffic after the virtual site went live. With the heat map, the retailer can see which parts of the store visitors spend the most time in and therefore which parts of the store are the most and least interesting. It knows which direction most customers choose to explore first after entering, which items are examined the most frequently, and so on. All this data is crucial when redesigning physical stores as well as online stores. 

Online stores are more than just copies of physical stores. Retailers can use them to improve physical stores. 

Spaces Tell Their Own Story

Since partnering with Matterport in 2020, L2’s customer base has increased at blazing speed and now includes businesses and organizations in 44 countries. Yet L2 is still just getting started with Matterport. In the future, the company plans to add virtual staging, videos, scripted narration, and even live conversations between hosts and visitors. 

“Spaces captured with Matterport are so compelling that the spaces themselves can tell a story,” Zhang says. “Soon they’ll even be able to talk.”

L2 IoT Solutions is a Matterport Platform Partner that leverages Matterport APIs and SDKs to build and commercialize apps and integrations with Matterport’s market-leading spatial data platform. As a Platform Partner, the company gains access to a range of commercial benefits, such as Matterport’s distribution network and enhanced support as well as co-marketing and co-selling programs to help successfully monetize its applications. To learn more about the Platform Partner Program and apply to join, visit https://matterport.com/platform-partner-program.


L2 IoT Solutions creates 3D virtual spaces and transforms them into dynamic experiences. Clients can replace maps in shopping malls with virtual guides and digitally replicate retail stores, complete with high-resolution imagery, branding, background music, product information, and buy buttons. 



PRODUCTS Matterport SDK, Matterport API, Matterport Pro2 and Leica BLK360 cameras


  • Branded, shoppable 3D experiences 

  • Increased visits to physical stores

  • Better store design with digital heat maps

  • Improved shopping mall wayfinding​​

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