Mattertraffic Debuts Analytics Platform For Matterport Digital Twins

Helps Companies Optimize Data from Digital Twins to Promote Customer Engagement and Conversion

Customer results summary:

  • Brings digital marketing analytics to 3D digital twins

  • Delivers insights on shoppers and their journeys 

  • Enables e-commerce conversion tracking and optimization, helping one client achieve a 35% lift in conversion with better digital twin campaign targeting

  • Informs merchandising strategies in stores on the sales floor as well as on-site at hospitality venues

Learn More About Mattertraffic

Diego Orofino is no stranger to navigating new business opportunities. A Matterport Service Provider for seven years, his firm RealVirtualZone has captured digital twins featuring New York’s Brooklyn Bridge, luxury automobiles, restaurants, hotels, retailers, homes for sale, and more. 

As the company’s revenues doubled, expanding with Fortune 500 clients, Orofino sought to help his clients better understand how visitors interact with their Matterport digital twins. Although Matterport Space Statistics offered topline counts of impressions, visits, and unique visitors, Orofino recognized that his corporate clients, in particular, wanted more depth on digital twin traffic patterns and other key performance indicators – that’s why he founded Mattertraffic.

Traffic Matters More When You Can Measure It

The Mattertraffic platform augments the metrics Matterport offers, reporting real-time traffic to a company’s digital twins and Mattertags. Mattertraffic provides aggregated, in-depth information on audience demographics and geographics, so clients can identify characteristics of people viewing the digital twin and what they’re looking at, opening up possibilities for marketing segmentation and personalization. Reports include data on lead sources to help Mattertraffic’s clients evaluate how social media platforms, email campaigns, and websites drive traffic to a digital twin. 

Orofino likens Mattertraffic to analytics providers for websites.

You can run a website without Google Analytics, but you’re going to be blind about what’s going on there. We’re like Google or Adobe Analytics for Matterport digital twins. We can help track conversions, transforming  Matterport 3D digital twins into digital media vehicles that can be reported on and optimized for better business results,” he says.

Diego Orofino

Mattertraffic heat maps track navigation patterns through each space. The platform logs how much time visitors spend overall and in various locations. Another report details how customers interact with Mattertags, such as hovering over them or clicking on them. 

As a result, hospitality venues can track, for example, which special event spaces are getting the highest interest. Restaurants can analyze traffic to various menus on display, the appeal of fine liquor bottle exhibits behind the bar, or the allure of assorted desserts staged on the counter.

“For a retailer, this not only streamlines e-commerce buyer journeys but also helps inform merchandising strategies in stores,” Orofino says. “For example, the retailer might notice that shoppers are navigating directly to a certain product or are lingering in a certain part of a virtual showroom. The possibilities of analyzing data from Matterport digital twins and applying it to a real-life, physical store location are very exciting.”

Over the summer of 2021, Mattertraffic tested its analytics platform with more than 300 users working with more than 500 Matterport digital twins. The company made the Mattertraffic platform widely available in October 2021 and is already seeing promising results.  

“We’re seeing terrific engagement among our early customers. Our emails are eagerly opened, with an open rate of 50%. We have many enthusiastic users logging in regularly. Best of all, they’re happy with the breadth and depth of visibility they now have into their Matterport digital twins,” Orofino says.

Unlocking Shopper Insights with Matterport Development Tools

As a Matterport Platform Partner, Mattertraffic taps into Matterport development tools to establish and expand analytics possibilities with digital twins. Access to the Matterport SDK allows Mattertraffic to integrate data from Mattertags into Mattertraffic’s application. With the Matterport Model API, Mattertraffic developers can connect directly to Matterport's back-end datastore. This allows Mattertraffic to search and read 3D spatial data to power reporting and functionality enhancements for its clients. 

Using the Matterport SDK for Embeds, Mattertraffic can allow its clients’ website visitors to click a button on a webpage to be taken to a specific location in a digital twin. For example, retailers that want to highlight a particular chair, can use a Mattertraffic quicklink to land shoppers at the right angle to focus their view upon that chair. Mattertraffic provides analytics on these unique URLs in its reports. “Our clients really like the opportunity to develop more curated shopping experiences in the digital twin,” Orofino says.

One Mattertraffic client set up an A/B test for a social media campaign using the same digital twin, but with two different ads pointing to two different Matterport deep links. Each takes shoppers to a distinct starting point in the digital twin, so the client can gain a better understanding of which products sell more based on different entry points to the digital twin. “We can track and aggregate a multitude of links based on a single digital twin in a unified report. Or, if a client has many models, we can aggregate those as well. Our analytics enable the additional testing and personalization complexities that media buyers and digital strategists have come to expect from online advertising channels,” says Orofino.

“With Matterport digital twins and the Mattertraffic platform, our clients gain a more robust picture of buyer behavior within the digital twin, so they can better optimize the journey. With access to these insights and analytics, digital twins become a key marketing asset that can impact revenues,” Orofino says.

For one client, Mattertraffic observed high digital twin traffic among Spanish-speaking women aged 35-44. With a shift in advertising to target this group, the company logged a 45 percent lift in visitors. On behalf of another client, Mattertraffic helped determine which products featured in a digital twin sold best in specific cities. With a few campaign tweaks to campaign targeting, the client achieved a 35 percent increase in conversions. A third Mattertraffic client was able to analyze which deep links in their digital twin had higher engagement and was able to adjust their digital marketing campaign accordingly, for a more efficient digital media spend.

Mattertraffic recently helped a packaged foods company with a back-to-school promotion. The campaign featured a Matterport digital twin of a family kitchen, including branded product placements inside the refrigerator and oven, on top of the counters, and on the kitchen table. Mattertags offer recipes, serving suggestions, and other helpful tips. For each product featured, links take visitors directly to an online grocer’s page for that product, making it easy for consumers to add the item to their shopping cart with just one more click. 

Empowering Social Media Platforms with Digital Twins and Analytics

When partnering with Mattertraffic, social media platforms that market Matterport digital twins as an integrated part of their service to advertisers can create white label analytics reports for their customers. As a result, they gain visibility to conversion metrics and can factor those into their pricing structure for advertisers. “The digital twin can become an important additional ad type on these channels,” says Orofino. “I think we’re about to see a large proliferation of Matterport digital twins being used in interesting ways to promote commerce across all kinds of industry sectors.” 

Mattertraffic is a Matterport Platform Partner that leverages Matterport’s APIs and SDKs to build and commercialize their apps and integrations with Matterport’s market-leading spatial data platform. As a Platform Partner, they gain access to a range of commercial benefits, such as Matterport’s distribution network and enhanced support as well as co-marketing and co-selling programs to help them successfully monetize their applications. To learn more about the Platform Partner Program and apply to join, visit


Mattertraffic provides the world's first analytics service for Matterport. The company’s reporting platform helps clients monitor and analyze digital twin analytics to gain customer insights and optimize operations.

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  • Brings digital marketing analytics to 3D digital twins

  • Delivers insights on shoppers and their journeys 

  • Enables e-commerce conversion tracking and optimization, helping one client achieve a 35% lift in conversion with better digital twin campaign targeting

  • Informs merchandising strategies in stores on the sales floor as well as on-site at hospitality venues


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