Treedis Partners with Matterport and Doubles in Size to Create Breakthrough Experiences for the Metaverse Ecosystem

Treedis, utilizing Matterport digitization, fuses virtual reality with dimensionally accurate digital twins

Customer results summary:

  • Enabling mixed reality with live interactions to create the most immersive online experience possible

  • Generating more than 100 million visitors to immersive spaces monthly

  • Supporting clients’ conversion lift of 20% and sales growth of 15%

  • Cut planning time from 6 weeks to 10 days for mapping optimized installation locations of in-store cameras for a retail analytics partner solution

The technology world is in the midst of shifting attention and resources toward metaverse technologies. This notion has become a hot topic since Facebook announced it was changing its corporate parent name to Meta in recognition of its ambitions for the metaverse. Treedis, a Matterport Platform Partner with years of experience creating immersive 3D experiences based on photorealistic digital twins, was ready for the news.

“When Mark Zuckerberg demonstrated the potential for the metaverse in his Connect 2021 keynote, for us it wasn’t so much a turning point, as it was for others, but just another affirmation that our company has been heading in the right direction,” says Omer Shamay, CEO and Co-founder, Treedis. “We believe that transforming physical spaces into virtual experiences gives us the foundation for creating metaverse experiences that represent the future for our company and the whole 3D capturing industry.”

For more than four years, Treedis has been a Matterport Platform Partner, enhancing technologies to support retail, hospitality, manufacturing, and other industries. Using Matterport APIs and SDKs, Treedis integrates additional features within its digital twins to further enable augmented reality, virtual staging, experience simulations, e-commerce, and analytics, along with adding games, Treedis Hub’s live video chat, white labeling, lead generation forms, and additional navigation features.

While Treedis has become the leading Matterport solution provider in the Middle East, its platform is available and supported just about everywhere. Treedis generates more than 100 million visitors to immersive spaces per month, including more than 70,000 minutes of live chat, while its clients report 20% lift in conversion rates and 15% sales growth.

Promoting NFT Blockchain Marketplace with Mantas Vaičiūnas Art Gallery

One of Treedis’ latest projects is a non-fungible token (NFT) art gallery created with Mantas Vaičiūnas, using computer generated-imagery (CGI) to display NFT art pieces in a virtual gallery space. Visitors can walk around to view the artwork and click on Mattertags to get more information about the piece or make purchases with cryptocurrency. 

Enterprise clients comprise an important part of Treedis’ business. “We see a surge of interest in creating immersive V-commerce experiences and feel that the retail industry is one to look out for in 2022,” Shamay says.


Advancing V-commerce with Reliance Digital and Google

For Reliance Digital and Google, Treedis created a virtual smart home V-commerce space. With more than 8,000 consumer electronics store locations across India, Reliance Digital is an important retail channel for Google devices. Using a digital twin of a Reliance Digital store merchandising area decorated like an apartment, online shoppers can browse and learn more about Google smart home devices, just as if they were in one of Reliance Digital’s stores. 

Mattertags throughout the apartment use a custom Google icon to call attention to key highlights. The living room TV screen plays an embedded Google Nest Audio promotional video. The kitchen display demonstrates how to get hands-free assistance while cooking with Google devices, using a video that plays on the screen of a Google Nest Hub on the kitchen shelf. Treedis can use its platform to update the superimposed videos at any time, for example, to feature promotions or seasonal content. A merchandise navigation and search panel pops out from the top right corner of the digital twin, making it easy to check pricing and product specs or add an item to the shopping cart. 


The Treedis platform integrates with Shopify, streamlining the process for retailers large and small to bring digital twins of their store spaces online to drive sales. The company is looking into integrating with a number of additional e-commerce and payment systems.     

Envisioning Omnichannel Competitive Advantage for Optical Center

For Optical Center, an optical retailer with more than 750 locations across France and other countries, Treedis is enhancing the e-commerce experience to help the company sell more eyeglasses online using the Treedis Hub’s live video chat. Treedis turned digital twins of 750 stores into online virtual tours in just two months, with plans to incorporate live video chat and augmented reality to boost shopper engagement and sales. 

Within the first six months, Optical Center logged more than 15,000 virtual store views. Visitors browsed the store digital twins for an average of nine minutes, with 94% interacting with the virtual tour content, such as viewing additional eyewear merchandise or clicking Mattertags to learn more about a particular pair of glasses.

"The marketing value is immense. Having the 3D tour for each store on our website makes us more accessible and puts us one giant step ahead of our competitors," says Nicole Elbaz, Product Manager, Optical Center.

Optimizing IoT Analytics Installations at Point of Sale with Trax Retail

In the realm of brick-and-mortar retail operations, Treedis has been working with retail IoT and analytics firm Trax Retail, using Matterport digital twins to determine placements for the in-store cameras that power Trax Retail’s Computer Vision solutions. The Treedis platform enables Trax Retail personnel to quickly explore various scenarios of camera placements throughout a store space, measuring camera fields of vision and noting overlap zones. Using the solution, cameras are optimally installed in locations to provide the needed visibility to its retailer and consumer packaged goods (CPG) clients for monitoring stock levels, merchandising display execution, shelf price accuracy, and more. 

“When we’re talking about retailers or CPGs, we’re talking immediately about hundreds of cameras in a store and thousands of stores at once. So we had to find something scalable,” says May Mordechay, IoT Product Manager, Trax. “With the 3D mapping, we could get all the data that we need from the store from the Matterport digital twin.”

Already more than 500,000 square meters of store space has been scanned, accelerating planning for more than 100 stores. “The Treedis solution cut the planning time to deploy cameras in a store from 45 days to only 10 days,” says Shamay. “In addition, we developed an image cropping tool that shortens the AI recognition and analytics model training process for each store by 70%. These solutions have delivered significant cost savings and faster results that impress Trax’s clients.”

Driving Sales for ŠKODA AUTO

Treedis has also engaged with automotive manufacturer ŠKODA AUTO so that car shoppers on the company’s website are invited to visit a virtual showroom. With a click, shoppers can embark on a virtual tour within the digital twin of a ŠKODA dealership, guided by a salesperson via integrated live video chat via Treedis Hub. 

Shoppers can navigate around the various vehicles captured in beautiful high definition, zooming in on a vehicle of interest from any angle to admire the exterior or interior trim. A lead capture form helps ensure the salesperson can follow up with the prospect, reducing the time a car buyer needs to spend physically visiting a dealership, for a more convenient shopping experience. The company is seeing customers spend an average of nine minutes exploring the virtual showroom, with 96% of visitors interacting with content presented.

Skoda image

The ŠKODA team uses advanced analytics of the virtual showroom tours to understand the behavior and preferences of customers. Insights from this data have led to changes in strategy, including re-staging the physical dealership showroom to emphasize brand strengths, while updating the online tours in the same fashion. Upon experiencing success with this virtual showroom approach in Sweden, the Czech Republic, and Israel,  ŠKODA is expanding the strategy to additional countries.

"The current situation has shown that many areas of our lives, both on a private as well as a professional level, can be carried out much more digitally," says Andre Wehner, Chief Digital Officer, ŠKODA AUTO. 

Creating Vivid Immersive Experiences for ICL

For ICL, a leading global specialty minerals company, the Treedis experience creator solution allowed it to develop several of its own custom experiences for employee training covering safety at work in the factory, on the road, and managing Quality Assurance (QA). The experiences take employees on a first-person journey within a photo-realistic virtual space, using visual and sound effects, along with gamification elements, to tell a story and impart training lessons in a fun, entertaining way. Three distinct experiences were developed in nine languages for employees in 13 countries.

During one week of training, the company logged more than 13,000 visits to the experiences, with visitors spending an average of 15 minutes. "Treedis provided creativity and flexibility in a short amount of time, raising the level of e-learning experiences to new heights," says Mina Ofek, Product Manager, ICL.

Treedis bring gamification to manufacturing safety and QA training, inviting participants to navigate through a digital twin of a home that’s set up like a mystery detective scene. Participants make visual observations and detect clues as part of a memorable safety lesson experience.

Monetizing Digital Experiences for The City of David Museum

Treedis worked with The City of David Museum to scan more than 10,000 square meters of space to create a historical experience where visitors can imagine traveling back in time and learn about ancient Jerusalem. Until recently, visitors could only visit the museum in person, but with the Treedis platform, they can now take an immersive virtual tour from anywhere in the world. Visitors can walk through dimly lit tunnels, climb the overlook for panoramic views of the city, or zoom in on active archeological sites within the museum grounds. 

Features that Treedis added include an abundance of Mattertags to call out videos about the history of the site, illustrations of historic events, key information about artifacts, and relevant excerpts from the Bible. A tour guide, filmed with a green screen so as not to occupy too much screen space within the digital twin, introduces key museum areas while appearing to stand in the space. Dramatic music accompanies much of the tour to build anticipation. A slide-out menu on the right side of the screen allows visitors to jump from one area to another, open a Google map of Jerusalem, view museum contact information, or fill out a comment form to send to the museum.

“I have to say the team from Treedis, from the CEO level all the way down, came to the City of David and understood the essence of our product. I think that was really the key for bringing the magic of the City of David to the rest of the world,” says Doron Spielman, Vice President, City of David. 

In late 2021, the museum launched a marketing campaign, including social media, to introduce the virtual tour with free, unlimited access, prior to launching ticket sales for access to the premium museum experience areas. Early results include 15,000 visitors generated for the museum’s virtual tour in its first two months. Online visitors are spending an average of 13 minutes in the tour and the museum has logged a 15% jump in its email subscriber base.

“It’s exciting to see the museum expand its reach to a global audience and to be able generate online tour revenues to recoup its investment in creating this amazing experience,” Shamay says.

Looking Ahead

With its annual revenues up 450%, Treedis is in the midst of doubling its workforce as it grows to meet demand. In commenting on his team’s accomplishments, Shamay says, “I think the key element to our success is our culture. We’re always optimistic about doing more with the technology, and we have the passion and the work ethic to back that up. In addition, we really value quality customer service and always listen to our clients. Whenever they have a development request, we make sure to follow up and do our best to deliver. I believe a software company, which may not see its clients every day, must still do everything it can to ‘cover the distance’ and create fruitful communication channels.”

Looking ahead, Shamay anticipates more of the company’s initiatives will enable mixed reality as well as richer interactions between participants, such as in metaverse-type environments. “We have always believed in breaking through limits,” says Shamay. “We are gratified to have a strong partnership with Matterport as we invest in new capabilities to create breakthrough experiences for companies, brands, and audiences around the world.”

Treedis is a Matterport Platform Partner that leverages Matterport APIs and SDKs to build and commercialize their apps and integrations with Matterport’s market-leading spatial data platform. As a Platform Partner, they gain access to a range of commercial benefits, such as Matterport’s distribution network and enhanced support as well as co-marketing and co-selling programs to help them successfully monetize their applications. To learn more about the Platform Partner Program and apply to join, visit


Treedis transforms physical spaces into immersive metaverse experiences for clients worldwide across diverse industries, including retail, manufacturing, hospitality, tourism, education, and more. 

HEADQUARTERSHeadquarters: Tel Aviv, Israel

PRODUCTS Products: Matterport SDK, Matterport APIs


  • Enabling mixed reality with live interactions to create the most immersive online experience possible

  • Generating more than 100 million visitors to immersive spaces monthly

  • Supporting clients’ conversion lift of 20% and sales growth of 15%

  • Cut planning time from 6 weeks to 10 days for mapping optimized installation locations of in-store cameras for a retail analytics partner solution


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