Selection Criteria for Matterport Value Added Reseller Agreement


This document outlines the Selection Criteria (SC) referenced in the Matterport Reseller Agreement. The SDC are designed to ensure that all authorized resellers (hereinafter referred to as 'Resellers') uphold Matterport's high standards of quality, brand representation, and customer service. Adherence to these criteria ensures a consistent and premium end-user experience, maintaining the prestigious reputation of Matterport products and services.


1. Brand Representation: Resellers must adhere strictly to Matterport's licensing and branding guidelines, provided by Matterport from time to time, maintaining the integrity and premium positioning of the Matterport brand.

2. Regulatory Compliance: Resellers are required to obtain and maintain all necessary local regulatory approvals, consents, permissions, licenses, and permits to sell Matterport products and services legally within their territory.

3. Product Proficiency: Resellers must demonstrate, to Matterport's satisfaction, a thorough understanding of Matterport products and services, ensuring they can provide comprehensive advice and support to end-users.

4. Customer Support: Resellers must offer high-quality customer service, including pre-sale consultation and post-sale support to Matterport's satisfaction.

5. Market Engagement: Resellers are expected to actively market Matterport products and services, aligning with Matterport's overall marketing strategies and brand values, as communicated by Matterport from time to time.

6. Inventory Management: Resellers should maintain, to Matterport's satisfaction, sufficient stock levels to meet customer demand promptly.

7. Training Commitment: Resellers are required to participate in ongoing training programs provided by Matterport to stay updated on product features and best practices.

8. Sales Reporting: Resellers must provide, to Matterport's satisfaction, regular sales reports to Matterport, aiding in market analysis and strategic planning.

Purpose of the Selective Distribution Criteria:

The purpose of implementing these criteria is to ensure that Matterport products are distributed in a manner that aligns with the company's standards for quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. By adhering to these criteria, Resellers contribute to the strength and consistency of the Matterport brand across different markets.

Reference in Agreement:

These criteria are referenced under the "Selective Distribution System" section of the Matterport Reseller Agreement. 'Resellers' will be selected on the basis of these criteria, and their compliance with these criteria is mandatory for the continuation of the rights granted under the Agreement.