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The Matterport Advantage

Immersive 3D models are the most effective tool for connecting people and places to enhance collaboration and accelerate project management. Matterport makes it easy to create digital twins ideal for promoting properties for sale or rent, planning construction projects, or capturing special places.

The preferred source for 3D capture

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Quality. Flexibility. For everyone.

Millions of spaces captured by Matterport from billions of images.

Unparalleled quality

Easy to use, all-in-one solution

Flexible capture methods

Secure model management

Unrivaled 3D expertise

Unparalleled 3D capture quality

We set the standard for 3D space capture. Nobody comes close to the precision and detail of Matterport 3D models.

Some of the best engineering talent in Silicon Valley has been working on perfecting Matterport’s artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. The quality of our models sets us apart by delivering the most realistic experiences you can have in a digital environment. Dozens of patents owned by Matterport ensure your 3D models are the best possible.

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Anyone can create professional-caliber 3D tours

Impressive 3D tours can be created by anyone, regardless of experience level and skillset.

Whether you choose to do the scan yourself or hire a 3D Pro, Matterport’s automated processing takes your scans, sharpens the images, and melds them into an immersive digital twin of your physical space. All you need is the Matterport capture app and a Matterport account – both available for free – and you are ready to scan, edit, and share.

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Capture methods for every job - EN

An array of hardware / cameras
Capture methods for every job

Matterport gives customers the flexibility to use the camera or capture method of their choice to ensure optimal results for the task at hand.  

Different capture methods are better suited for some applications than others. Whether scanning spaces with a 3D camera, a 360° spherical camera, or iPhone, Matterport helps you create a high quality, immersive 3D model. You may even prefer to hire a 3D Pro.

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Flexible model portfolio management

Matterport provides a secure dashboard to manage your 3D models.

Models can be kept private, shared publicly, or shared with a select group of collaborators.  To streamline collaboration, invite friends to join the model, or transfer ownership of a Matterport model to another account.  Best of all, our models can be exported into the most commonly used formats.

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All-in-one 3D capture solution

Automated features eliminate the manual tasks and complexity of creating 3D models.

Matterport processes customer scans quickly to create feature-packed 3D models. The dimensional accuracy of our models enables correct measurements for planning and estimating purposes. Tags can be embedded in the model to highlight noteworthy elements throughout the model. For the ultimate freedom, you can even edit your 3D model from your iPad, iPhone, or desktop computer.

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A powerful suite of features

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Collaborate efficiently with commenting and sharing integrated in your spaces.

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Embed pop-up notes, links, videos, and e-commerce workflows in your 3D model.

Measurement Mode

Measurement Mode

Accurately measure anything within a 3D model.

Blur Brush

Blur Brush™

Protect the privacy of people by blurring faces or personal information.

Dollhouse View

Dollhouse Views

Photorealistic and fully interactive 3D floor plan perspective.

Google Street View icon

Google Street View

Put your business on the map by creating a media-rich experience.