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The significance of abundant light in a home varies greatly among homebuyers, reflecting individual preferences and lifestyle needs. Many favor residences flooded with natural light, as it bathes spaces with a welcoming, expansive, and joyful ambiance. Beyond aesthetics, natural light carries substantial health, wellness, and energy efficiency benefits. This is particularly pertinent in a city like Seattle, renowned for its frequent cloud cover, where potential homeowners could greatly benefit from a method to compare the luminosity of various homes.

Seattle's reputation for overcast weather, especially during the fall and winter, is well-established. A commonly accepted measure of cloudiness is the percentage of possible sunshine. Distressingly, Seattle averages just 2,169 hours of sunshine annually, accounting for less than a quarter of the year. It routinely secures a spot among the cloudiest cities in the United States. So, how can a sunlight-appreciating homebuyer pinpoint properties bathed in the most natural light? What if they desire a well-lit home office or kitchen, yet prefer a primary bedroom they can customize with supplementary ambient lighting?

These nuanced questions are precisely what the Matterport digital twin platform can address for our developer partners and their customers through API integration. Our digital twin platform, backed by over a decade of extensive spatial data, enables a unique comparison of properties, like the creation of a luminosity index. With additional analysis, Matterport enables users to compare - and calculate - elements like the count of windows and lights in a space via object detection. By automatically identifying lights and windows, it is possible to measure and contrast the overall light intensity of one property against another. It even allows for estimations of light per square foot, segregated by room type, and the identification of spaces that might benefit from additional light installations or altered fixtures. Let’s explore some examples below. 

Property 1 - Luminosity Score 115

Stepping into this stunning Seattle home, you're immediately greeted by an abundance of natural light streaming in through the large windows. The house is ingeniously designed to capture the maximum daylight, counteracting the city's typically overcast weather. Expansive, floor-to-ceiling windows not only frame mesmerizing views of the cityscape, but also act as a conduit for illumination, bathing the interior with a warm, inviting glow. Well-positioned light fixtures enhance the natural luminosity, creating a well-lit space that exudes a sense of openness and cheer. With its optimal combination of natural and artificial lighting, this property exemplifies the perfect home for those seeking a bright, airy, and uplifting living environment.

Property 2 - Luminosity Score 130

This home is designed with natural light in mind. With 62 wide-open windows, this residence welcomes natural light from every angle, creating a vibrant, inviting atmosphere. One of the standout features is the living room; it boasts an incredible 28 windows, transforming this space into a bright and airy sanctuary perfect for relaxation or entertaining. Additionally, even the staircase enjoys illumination from 6 windows, turning a typically overlooked area into a pleasant, light-filled transition space. In addition to windows, the property is equipped with 68 lights, ensuring that every corner is well-lit, even during Seattle's cloudier days. This home is a testament to the power of thoughtful design, celebrating natural light in a way few other properties can match.

Property 3 - Luminosity Score 144

This unique Seattle property is a remarkable testament to the value of natural light. Despite having no artificial light fixtures, it boasts 54 strategically placed windows that allow an abundance of daylight to flood in, creating a bright and engaging environment. The basement, an area often prone to darkness, is surprisingly well-lit, benefitting from efficient window placement that maximizes the available natural light. A standout feature is the kitchen, which is illuminated by a stunning array of 22 windows. This balanced design ensures that even during the city's cloudier days, the kitchen remains a bright and cheerful space, making it an inviting hub for culinary creativity and family gatherings. To give the owner maximum flexibility, the home is also equipped with 90 lights. This property is a shining example of how innovative design can harness the transformative power of sufficient light in a home.

Choose the Right Amount of Light for You 

The importance of abundant natural light in a home cannot be overstated. It not only enhances the aesthetics but also contributes to the health and well-being of its inhabitants. In cities like Seattle, where overcast weather is prevalent, understanding and quantifying the amount of light in a property is a game-changer. The same principles might apply for someone who prefers an east-facing home in order to get the rays of sunlight at dawn. 

Matterport revolutionizes the way your customers perceive and interact with properties, offering a dynamic, data-rich, and highly personalized approach to home buying. With our innovative platform, you'll have the power to not only visualize but also quantify elements like the amount of light in a home - a game-changer for Seattle's market but most important, an example of the way that Matterport can unlock powerful property insights in any market. 

Experience the transformation that Matterport's next-generation digital twin beta program can bring to your property search. To learn more, read more about our open beta program.


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