Harnessing the Power of AI: Automated Measurements and Layouts Now Available for Your Digital Twin

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More than a decade ago, Matterport made it easy for anyone to create a 3D digital twin for buildings and spaces. Our industry-first solution was powered by AI and fully automated, allowing us to create thousands of digital twins daily without human intervention. Today, we’re introducing significant advancements in AI-powered automation and insights that form the foundation of our next generation of intelligent digital twins. 

Power of AI - measurements

As the industry's leading digital twin platform for the world’s largest asset class - real estate - we continue to make our platform smarter so homebuyers, property marketers and managers can quickly get vital property data in their hands without the need to routinely access their physical buildings and spaces. Today, we’re introducing the next generation of intelligent digital twins with new AI-powered capabilities that bring even more information and insights to our customers. 

Power of AI - layouts
  • Automated Measurements: Accurate room-by-room measurements are one of the most common and time-consuming requests from potential buyers to understand whether a property suits their needs. Now when you create a Matterport digital twin, room dimensions - and soon to include ceiling height - are labeled automatically. 

  • Instant Layouts: Instantly see the layout of your property. With one click, you can easily transition between 2D and 3D layouts of your space, including labeled room names, wall segments and more. 

  • Customization: Every room in Layouts is fully editable with a simple, point-and-click tool to adjust walls, openings, and room names. 

  • Automated Property Reports: Detailed and downloadable property reporting that includes a summary of your space and a room-by-room breakdown of area and dimensions, including Multiple Listing Service (MLS) data.

Power of AI - property reports

For home shoppers, these enhancements offer new insight into a property’s potential, eliminating buyers’ reliance on time-consuming site visits and the extra back-and-forth between buying and selling agents. For property marketers and managers, they help to radically simplify the process of buying, selling, or managing a property in the following ways: 

  • Supercharge your property marketing and close more deals. Eliminate hours searching for property data or playing phone tag to confirm dimensions for your buyers. List and close faster with easy-to-access comps so you can spend more time with clients and less time on paperwork.

  • Streamline design and construction management to eliminate project rework. Easily access accurate and instant room and wall dimensions directly from your digital twin. Keep your projects on time and budget by eliminating repeat site visits and manual calculations.

  • Enhance facility management efficiency with current property attributes at your fingertips. Effectively manage risk via automatic documentation of key property details and trust you have the right information, every time while easily collaborating with global teams.

We invite everyone to sign up for our early access beta program to experience these incredible new features firsthand. Your feedback will help us make them even better. Learn more about the beta program and start testing these features with more on the way in the coming months. Sign up today!


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