Choosing the Best Real Estate Agent to Sell Your Home

Three Hallmarks of a Top Real Estate Agent

For home sellers looking to choose the right real estate agent, the decision often comes down to two things – whether the real estate agent can sell their house for the highest price possible and if it can be done in a reasonable time frame. While these expectations are fundamental, agents have a host of sophisticated resources and strategies to help achieve them, along with a serious competitive streak. Great agents want to win listings and sell more houses – and they do what it takes to make it happen.  

Ask any successful agent, and it’s likely they’ll tell you that their goal is to help clients optimize for the best sale price in the shortest amount of time. The way they do that is by putting the latest and greatest resources to work. And in today’s highly digital and geographically dispersed market, that means amazing visuals, immersive 3D virtual home tours, and a way for prospective homebuyers to experience a property – from anywhere in the world.

For a home seller, sitting down to interview a list of real estate agent candidates can be daunting and tedious. But like anything else, this task is only difficult if they all offer the same list of capabilities and resources. Chances are more than one of those agents will offer something special as a key differentiator. Consider, for example, an experiential Matterport 3D virtual tour that offers an open house experience online 24/7/365. Imagine how much more frequently that agent will show your property than the agent who relies on traditional open houses and scheduled walk-throughs.

Not every differentiator is such a pure numbers game. But there is a list of specific practices your agent should be doing to position you optimally as a home seller. If you’re considering enlisting a real estate agent to help you sell your property, consider these five practices as a part of your checklist during the interview process. If you have already engaged an agent, ask him or her to explain how they are doing these things for you. And if you’re a real estate agent, be prepared to show how you’re doing these things.

The Top 3 Things the Most Successful Selling Agents Offer or Do

1. Expertise in Real Estate across marketing channels

A truly seasoned and expert real estate agent knows precisely how to leverage the marketing channels. He or she is a skilled marketing professional who uses dynamic and engaging content across multiple online advertising channels to reach a huge number of potentially viable buyers for your property. It’s likely that these same agents use key listing portals (like to garner you the most distribution and views from interested buyers.

2. Use of interactive tools like 3D Virtual Tours

Even if your agent is hosting an open house, top agents know how to make your listing stand out among the thousands of other options by highlighting the information with stunning 3D visuals.  An immersive 3D virtual tour with rich media content highlighting the best amenities and features of the house is able to help to create buzz, interest, and even inquiries before the doors ever open.

3. Offer Virtual Reality (VR) Experiences

Rather than relying on traditional physical open houses, an agent using virtual reality to give remote buyers an experience of the property is offering a benefit of visiting the listing as if they were there in person. Putting the tour experience online widens the scope of your selling audience from local or regional to global.

In a great selling/agent relationship, the homeowner and real estate professional have something profoundly important in common. They both want to sell the property as efficiently as possible for as large a profit as possible. If that shared objective is in place and backed with the right capabilities and tools, everyone wins.

If you’re an agent, Matterport can help you win more listings, wow more buyers and sellers, and give online visitors a chance to experience a listing as if they were there. Get in touch with our team to learn how you can implement Matterport at your business or get connected with a professional Matterport Service Partner for a scan today.

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