Coming Soon, Matterport CAD files

Matterport will offer a new, highly valuable addition for customers who utilize CAD files in their design and construction workflows, by early 2024.

The new Matterport CAD file add-on will enable the simple creation of CAD files directly from Matterport digital twins to simplify and accelerate design work using Matterport. 

Customers will be able to easily request the Matterport CAD file with 1-click ordering, and directly load it to document storage in Procore Technologies or Autodesk Construction Cloud using our integrations, to jumpstart your design and build processes. The most commonly needed job sizes will be available in just 2-4 days after site capture. 

This new feature is yet another way that Matterport is revolutionizing design and construction management workflows. From powering users with the ability to natively capture complex as-built conditions, to providing valuable insights at each stage of your project, our photorealistic, dimensionally accurate digital twins are at the heart of expediting your CAD file delivery. 

“Great design and successful projects start with a solid foundation, yet the industry continues to rely on time-consuming tools and processes to get the job done,” said Stephanie Lin, Sr. Director, Business Strategy, Matterport. “With our CAD file add-on, we’re making CAD creation faster and more accessible so that anyone can kickstart the design process to streamline projects." 

The Matterport CAD file will use Matterport-generated point cloud data to create .DWG CAD files. This add-on empowers you with an alternative to tedious manual documentation of as-built conditions, iterating back and forth with CAD designers, and manual file tracing; saving time, resources and sanity when you need CAD files to complete and manage your projects.  

Only Matterport offers a foundational commitment to accurately represent your physical space via photorealistic imagery that directly translates that space into quick, easy-to-use working files throughout the entirety of your projects. 

Files will include a comprehensive architecture layer, with an option to purchase additional furniture and electrical layers, in the following formats:

  • .DWG CAD format of floor plans and reflected ceiling plans (AutoCAD 2020 version)

  • .DXF exported from .DWG

  • PDF of all floor plans and reflected ceiling plans

  • .RCS Point Cloud File

  • .CTB file of plot styles for CAD

Matterport will deliver your CAD file in days, not weeks, delivered in a fraction of the time of manual surveying and drawing, or point cloud tracing. 

The CAD file add-on builds on Matterport’s existing add-ons and integrations for design and construction professionals, such as Matterport BIM files (includes both BIM and CAD), the MatterPak Bundle (includes colorized point cloud, reflected ceiling plan images, high-resolution floor plan images, 3D mesh file and texture map images), and integrations with the world’s leading construction project management software tools like Procore Technologies and Autodesk Construction Cloud

Matterport’s closed beta begins in December, with General Availability expected in early 2024.To learn more about Matterport’s solutions for design and construction professionals, visit:

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