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[DOWNLOAD] The Official Guide to Visual Real Estate Marketing Tools and Trends

Modern real estate agents and brokers know that their first showing happens online. Today’s home buyers want as much information about a property as possible, well before they commit to an in-person showing and will often start searching online three weeks before even contacting an agent.


92% of homebuyers begin their search online

Providing consistent, comprehensive, interactive online experiences is critical to capturing a home buyer’s attention early. In today’s technology landscape, this means taking advantage of a variety of marketing tools that provide visibility, interactivity, and quick response times for buyers who are used to immediate gratification.

Whether you’re new to the real estate game or a seasoned agent, our newest whitepaper, The Official Guide to Visual Real Estate Marketing Tools and Trends, will tell you everything you need to know about the visual marketing landscape for real estate - from high-end photography to new-wave 3D tours and drone video.

What you’ll learn:

  • The tools you need to win listings and sell homes fast
  • The financial/hourly costs of leveraging each tool
  • Key statistics about visual real estate marketing in 2016
  • Current state-of-the-industry insights