20+ Must-Have Real Estate Marketing Tools to Boost Residential Property Sales

We don’t need to emphasize how competitive the residential real estate industry can be. With so many digital marketing tools to choose from, things can get overwhelming for realtors. This is why we’ve compiled the top real estate marketing tools and categorized them by use case to help simplify your decision-making process. 

The following list will help you cut through the noise and pinpoint the essential marketing tools worth investing in to level-up your audience engagement and close deals more effectively.  

Why you need to invest in your residential real estate marketing toolkit

A smart real estate marketing campaign can help make or break a business. But a strategy is only as good as the tools at your disposal — which is why we think you need multiple tools to get your plan off the ground. Here’s how a diverse marketing tool kit can improve your business.  

Streamline your strategy

As we’ve discussed, residential real estate moves at a quick pace — and it’s easy to get left behind. These tools are designed to help you work faster and smarter. With the right tool kit at your fingertips, your team can shorten the sales cycle by getting listings up faster, engaging motivated leads, and closing deals.  

Boost brand awareness

With more digital channels comes more competition. It’s easier than ever for a brand to get their name out there — which means it’s harder than ever to stand out. The best marketing tools for a real estate agent to present their personal brand in the best light, letting potential clients know that they are a leader in their field.

Present your properties at their best

Staging your entire property and then planning an open house used to be a laborious process that wasted precious time and money (just look at everything that goes into staging a kitchen!). But in the past few years, cutting-edge technology has transformed real estate marketing. Now it’s no longer enough to use typical 2D images of your property. Instead, residential property listings are enriched with dynamic media content like digital twins, guided walkthroughs, and video media that can boost engagement significantly.

Identify leads more easily 

Digital tools have made it easier to promote properties to target audiences of potential buyers. Armed with more data than ever, these real estate marketing tools can transform how you go about matching clients to listings that intrigue them. 

Maximize sales

Whether you’re enriching a residential property listing or improving your marketing stack, digital real estate marketing tools are designed to help you get that deal over the finish line. After all, brand awareness and lead generation are just two pieces of the puzzle — and they don’t mean much if you aren’t actually increasing sales volume.

Best real estate marketing tools by use case

Website building

Your website is how you make a first impression to prospective clients. Emerging website builders have made it easier than ever for realtors and brokerages to quickly design and launch custom sites.

1. Wix

  • What it does: This fast-growing cloud-based website builder helps you quickly create HTML5 websites and mobile sites using an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface.

  • Key features: 

    • 900+ free customizable website templates, including several designed specifically for real estate businesses. 

    • Custom domain, logo, and branding tools

    • Advanced SEO capabilities to make your site visible in search engines

  • Pricing: Their popular Business Unlimited Plan is $32/month, with cheaper basic plans and more expensive premium plans.

2. Leadpages

  • What it does: This website builder is designed with small businesses in mind, helping you quickly launch an ecommerce platform. 

  • Key features: 

    • Give your ecommerce site professional flair with pop-up boxes, checkout forms, and alert bars

    • An easy-to-read analytics dashboard helps you measure performance

    • Integrations with popular online marketing apps like Mailchimp, Salesforce, and more

  • Pricing: Standard plans are $37/month, while Pro plans are $74/month

3. Bluehost

  • What it does: One of the largest web hosting platforms, Bluehost prides itself on 24/7 support and high-quality consultative services.

  • Key features:

    • Expert builders will make the site for you after a free consultation

    • Advanced analytics and marketing functionality

    • Affordability for real estate agents who are just getting started

  • Pricing: Shared hosting started at just $4.95/month, with prices ranging as high as $79.99/month.

Website optimization

Creating your real estate website is just the first step. But more and more tools are coming on the market that help you improve your SEO and ensure potential clients can find your site.

 4. Ahrefs

  • What it does: This optimizer helps you quickly audit your site’s SEO and gives you the tools needed to boost it higher in search rankings.

  • Key features: 

    • An “SEO toolset” that features keyword optimization, competitor analysis, and more  

    • A database of 11 billion web pages that you can compare your content to

    • Extensive support and community

  • Pricing: Their Lite plan is $99/month, with Enterprise plans going for $999/month. 

5. Semrush

  • What it does: This data-driven platform has keyword analytics that helps you boost your placement in search engine rankings.

  • Key features:

    • Quick SEO site audits to see where your content stands 

    • Social media management for scheduling posts and analyzing performance

    • A free plan aimed at “hobbyists and marketing newbies”

  • Pricing: Their Pro Plan is $119.95/month and Business Plan is $449.95/month.

6. Moz

  • What it does: Moz bills itself as a full suite of SEO tools that offer rich data and insights for teams big and small.

  • Key features:

    • An advanced keyword explorer that uses a vast index of over 500 million keywords

    • Local SEO management to see how your site stacks up in your area

    • A MozBar that you can add to your browser to track sites’ SEO scores on the fly

  • Pricing: Moz Local starts at just $14/month, with other plans ranging as high as $720/month.


Customer relationship management (CRM) tools are the backbone of an effective real estate business. You’ll use these tools on a daily basis, so it’s important to pick one that meets your team’s needs.

7. Propertybase

  • What it does: They boast the industry’s “most comprehensive suite of tools,” aiming to simplify every step of the property transaction process.

  • Key features:

    • Automation tools to help with client follow-up and lighten your workload

    • Analytics dashboards to measure insights and track performance

    • Integration with every major MLS to simplify creating and editing listings

  • Pricing: Their GO Plan will run you $399/month.

8. IXACT Contact

  • What it does: An all-in-one real estate CRM software that simplifies communication with clients so that you can stay in contact and nurture relationships.

  • Key features: 

    • Create contact profiles, then categorize them as needed

    • Sync with Google, Outlook, and other email marketing tools

    • Task automation and appointment reminders

  • Pricing: Their one subscription plan is $38/month

9. Wise Agent

  • What it does: Built by agents for agents, Wise Agent prides itself on being user-friendly, packed with integrations, and supported with a 24/7 live customer service network. 

  • Key features: 

    • Detailed commission reports that help you track sales

    • One account allows for up to five team members for collaborative sales teams

    • A simple day planner that syncs with Google Calendar

  • Pricing: Their one subscription plan is $32/month.

Lead generation

Every real estate agent is looking to find and keep qualified leads. These lead generation tools help you do just that, connecting you with a diverse network of buyers and sellers.

10. Zillow

  • What it does: The most popular listing website in the United States, Zillow is a must-have tool for any real estate team looking to find clients.

  • Key features:

    • A network of buyers and sellers looking to connect with Zillow Premier Agents 

    • A built-in CRM designed to help teams and individual agents 

    • The Best of Zillow report offers client feedback and conversion metrics

  • Pricing: Pricing for Zillow Premier Agent service varies by ZIP code. Reach out to Zillow at 855-657-6611 to learn more. 

11. Xome

  • What it does: A newer listing service that wants to disrupt how people buy and sell homes, Xome emphasizes auction and foreclosure sales.

  • Key features:

    • A Xome Agent portal with an easy-to-use dashboard and communication tools

    • Xome Concierge, which is a personal virtual assistant to support your business

    • Easy bidding on qualified buyer and seller opportunities 

  • Pricing: There is no subscription plan, but agents must pay Xome a referral fee for each deal they close.

12. Redfin

  • What it does: Redfin has gained ground in the past few years as one of the most popular listing sites around. 

  • Key features:

    • A vast support network that helps Redfin agents earn twice the median pay of agents at rival brokerages

    • Their powerful mobile app lets buyers and sellers schedule home tours with the click of a button

    • Data-driven pricing and marketing tools

  • Pricing: There’s no upfront price for partnering with Redfin, just a referral fee as you close deals.

Social media

Social media marketing helps real estate agents connect with clients and close deals. These social media management tools take the hassle out of crafting and publishing social media posts. 

13. Hootsuite 

  • What it does: Hootsuite is one of the leaders in the social media space, making it easy to create, schedule, and publish content from multiple social media platforms, all on one dashboard.

  • Key features:

    • View all your customer conversations in one place so you can respond promptly

    • Real-time insights so you can zero in on the content that works

    • Support to easily manage social media advertising campaigns

  • Pricing: Three pricing plans that range from $129/month to $739/month. 

14. Buffer

  • What it does: An affordable optional, Buffer gives teams the tools they need to grow their audience while reducing their workload. 

  • Key features:

    • Automated messages to remind you when to post on TikTok and Instagram

    • Permission levels and approval flows to simplify collaboration

    • One dashboard with all of your analytics and reports to help you figure out which posts and hashtags are resonating

  • Pricing: They have four plans, at $0/month, $5/month, $10/month, and $100/month.

15. Sprout Social

  • What it does: Sprout is a data-driven platform that touts itself as a leader in usability, customer support, and return on investment.

  • Key features:

    • Cross-network social publishing that integrates with your existing profiles 

    • A unified inbox that streamlines customer communication 

    • Optimal Send Time features use data to help optimize your posting schedule  

  • Pricing: Sprout starts at $249/month, along with more expensive feature-rich plans.

Visual and video marketing

Real estate listings are a visual medium — and the right visual assets can engage customers and drive sales. In fact, visual real estate marketing is so important that we threw in an extra tool. Here are some resources that will help you present your property at its best.

16. Matterport

  • What it does: Matterport’s all-in-one digital twin platform helps you create immersive 3D tours of properties, making it the ultimate tool in real estate promotion.

  • Key features: 

    • Measurement and tagging capabilities give your tours an added level of detail

    • Self-guided and guided virtual tours that are accessible 24/7 from any device

    • Virtual staging to give prospects a polished look of the property

    • Shematic floor plans to provide prospects with a detailed understanding of a property

    • Ease of sharing a digital twin using hyperlinks on all listing pages and real estate marketing materials Unique viewing permissions make it easy to share models across your business

    • A wealth of camera options that helps capture and showcase professional 4K property photos

  • Pricing: Matterport’s Pro and Business plan is the most popular option, at just $69/month — though there’s also a free plan for those looking to get their feet wet with a virtual walkthrough marketing strategy.

17. Lumen5

  • What it does: This easy-to-use online video creator helps you create video tours of your properties in minutes.

  • Key features:

    • Drag and drop features help you add detail to your video presentations

    • AI-powered tools help you transform blog posts and Zoom recordings into engaging video clips

    • Hundreds of templates simplify the video creation process

  • Pricing: Casual video makers can get started for free — but their Professional Plan will run you $149/month.

18. VisualStager

  • What it does: VisualStager’s realistic 3D staging tools help you turn vacant properties into furnished finished products in a matter of clicks. 

  • Key features:

    • Just upload a photo and get started in minutes

    • Works right in your browser so you don’t have to download or install software

    • Their pay-as-you-go pricing model is simple and low-commitment

  • Pricing: You can start by staging one photo for just $15, or stage 100 photos for $699. For more on their real estate photography pricing, check out their detailed pricing table

19. Canva

  • What it does: Canva is an all-in-one graphic design platform to help you make visually rich designs for social media. 

  • Key features:

    • A simple interface that doesn’t require artistic expertise

    • Thousands of templates that help you make something beautiful in minutes 

    • Easily share, download, and schedule your designs to get them out in the world

  • Pricing: Their three pricing tiers range from free to $119/year to $149/year. 

Marketing analytics

You don’t want to invest in marketing efforts that don’t work. That’s why analytics software helps you get a sense of performance so you can do more of what works and less of what doesn’t.

20. Google Analytics

  • What it does: Google is a leader in the analytics world, helping you uncover deep performance data about your real estate marketing plan.

  • Key features: 

    • Machine learning gives you predictive insights about the actions users will take on your landing pages

    • Integrates with other Google products so that you can quickly turn your insights into better marketing

    • Monetization reports give you a clear sense of the value certain ad content is generating

  • Pricing: Their paid plan is $150,000 per year, though they also offer a free plan if you want to get familiar with the product.

21. Facebook Insights

  • What it does: Facebook is still a major player when it comes to real estate advertising, and Facebook Insights can help you optimize your real estate marketing strategy on the site.

  • Key features:

    • The Key Metrics Graph gives you a broad overview of marketing performance, all on one easy-to-understand graph

    • External Referrers help you understand where users are coming from as they visit your site

    • “Minutes Viewed” stats can help you figure out just how many people are watching your video tours on Facebook

  • Pricing: Facebook Insights is free to get started, but also offers enterprise plans starting at $100/month.

22. Funnel.io

  • What it does: Funnel claims they cut out “the boring stuff” so you can get right down to the nitty-gritty analytics and improve your marketing.

  • Key features:

    • Easily share data with other team members to collaborate seamlessly

    • Connect data from over 500 platforms, such as Facebook Ads or LinkedIn

    • Securely store all your raw data, so that it’s backed up

  • Pricing: They have three subscription tiers at $399/month, $999/month, or $1999/month.

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