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Edit Your Spaces Anywhere, On Any Device

Improvements to Workshop enable editing of spaces on mobile phones and tablets 
Universal Workshop Image

Whether you are using a Pro1, Pro2, BLK, a supported 360 camera or the new Matterport for iPhone, now there are more choices than ever to scan your spaces with Matterport. Wouldn't it be great if you could also edit and stage those spaces, on the go, using your favorite mobile device? 

Starting Monday, May 18, we are rolling out changes to Workshop to enable editing of spaces on mobile phones and tablets, which makes the editing experience easier and more intuitive  across the board. 

Touch Support

All the editing tools in Workshop now support touch, and the user interface has been changed to work better on all screen sizes. Your smartphone will work too, though we recommend the larger screen size of a tablet.

Universal Workshop UI Blog

New Action Bar

We pulled the Add-button out of the drawer, down to what we call the “Action Bar.” Now all your editing actions like Add, Edit and Delete are clearly visible at all times, and you won’t have to have the drawer open to add a new item. 

No matter if you are editing Mattertags, Labels, Measurements or 360 Views, the Action Bar is in the same location and shows you all the actions available to you.

Action Bar for Universal Workshop Blog

More Room for Your Editing

Workshop will now open up full-size on all devices, large and small, to give more screen space for all your editing. The new top bar gives easier access to Preview and Revert Changes functionality, and shows when your changes have been saved.

Universal Workshop Size Control

Improved Highlight Reel Editor

The old Highlight Reel Editor took a lot of room at the bottom of the screen, and was always in the way. We are now moving the advanced controls into an easier to use window, so the bottom bar can be slimmer, making it easier to line up your Highlight Reel views.

Universal Workshop - Improved Highlight Reel

Improved 3D Scans Tool

Most customers navigate to a scan before deciding whether to hide them. So when using the 3D Scans tool, you now see clearly which scan number you are in, and can easily hide or show that scan. The scan positions are more visible on the floor in this mode, and the numbers show all the time.

Universal Workshop - Improved 3D scans

We hope you will enjoy these improvements, and can’t wait to hear your feedback. The new Workshop will be rolled out to all customers starting on Monday, May 18. For more details on the changes in each tool, check out our updated documentation.


Is the desktop editing experience changing as well? 

Workshop on desktop is also changing with this release, so that the editing is as familiar as possible when you switch from one device to the other.

What about phones?

Smaller screens like iPhones and other phones work well, though we generally recommend larger screen sizes like tablets for the best editing experience.

What are minimum requirement devices?

Check out the updated Workshop requirements documentation.


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