Introducing Digital Pro: An all-in-one innovative marketing solution for real estate professionals

Your solution to stay competitive in the current market environment

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We’re excited to announce the launch of Digital Pro, our brand-new real estate marketing solution. Offering a full suite of professional media in one simple package, Digital Pro raises the bar for what agents can offer buyers and sellers.

Combining Matterport’s 3D digital twin technology with the recently acquired production services of VHT Studios, we’ve created an all-in-one marketing package. In a single appointment, Digital Pro provides a floor plan, Matterport 3D tour, preview video, and 25+ professional-grade HDR photos. An innovative solution for an affordable price, Matterport delivers the complete package to clients within 1-2 business days for just $299 (in most markets), a value of over $500.

Why Digital Pro?

Listings won’t sell themselves anymore. With greater competition, fewer buyers, and rising costs, standing out has become critical. On top of this, buyers have come to expect more from their listings, with 89% of buyers considering 3D Virtual Tours as important to the buying process. 

Digital Pro is your solution to the current market environment.

  • Excel above the competition. To win listings in an inventory-constrained market, standing out during your next real estate listing presentation is hyper-critical. Digital Pro offers the most immersive, informational, and interactive real estate marketing package available.

  • Rising interest rates means fewer buyers. Maximizing exposure to your listings is even more vital today. With Digital Pro you offer buyers a 24/7 virtual open house - the convenience of exploring your listing on their own time from anywhere without the seller having to vacate the property. 

  • Make the most of your marketing spend. Get $500 worth of media for just $299. Digital Pro offers everything you need to effectively market and sell your property for an affordable price.

By leveraging Matterport’s state-of-the-art digital twins in real estate, you give potential buyers the most accurate, immersive, and informational viewing experience possible.

Digital Pro also creates more convenience for agents and sellers. Through the immersive 4K 3D capture, each digital twin is capable of producing HDR photos for any room, from any angle, eliminating the potential time and costs associated with re-shoots if additional photos are needed.

The Digital Pro package includes:

HDR Photos: We compose the most stunning views of all the major selling points in the property. 25+ Images are enhanced with editing techniques including green grass and blue skies on exterior real estate photos.

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2D Floor Plan: Dimensionally accurate, easy-to-view floor plans present properties in a simple layout that helps illustrate flow. Each floor plan displays all room dimensions and square footage, eliminating the need for onsite measuring. 

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Matterport 3D Tour: An immersive 3D model enables prospective buyers to virtually tour the property from anywhere at any time, without ever having to leave the comfort of their own home.

Preview Video: A 10-15 second video that provides a quick view of the property, ideal for promoting listings on social media or in advertising.

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