Introducing Matterport E57

Convert your digital twin into a pointcloud faster and easier than ever before.

On behalf of our R&D teams here at Matterport, I’m excited to announce our latest offering for our Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) community: The Matterport E57 Add-on. Available today, for $89 on all Professional Plans and up. 

Why did we create this product? Here at Matterport, we are passionate about building tools that unlock the value of Matterport Digital Twins. We previously developed a solution that is being used across design and construction workflows - the MatterPak. As the industry and our customers evolved their use of reality capture and scan-to-BIM workflows, our customers needed a higher fidelity, photo-realistic pointcloud. 

We set out to create a product that provides the experience Matterport customers know and love, that they can take into their advanced 3D workflows. The E57 add-on, enabled by Matterport’s Cortex AI, allows Matterport users to easily extract high-density pointclouds and utilize them in complex 3D design workflows.

Applying E57 files across your 3D workflows

The E57 file type is a compact, vendor-neutral pointcloud format that is defined by the ASTM E2807 standard — think of it as the PDF of the 3D world.

Architects, engineers, builders, and owners can use Matterport to capture and create a digital twin of their existing facilities and extract that data into a MatterPak or E57 file to begin their documentation and modeling workflows. This saves time and resources that were once spent on traditional on-site measuring. With the new E57 offering, the files are significantly more accurate, capturing 10x the detail of a traditional MatterPak. 

By using Matterport and E57 files, AEC professionals can unlock several powerful benefits, including:

  • Streamline the conceptualization of designs with a more detailed understanding of the space.

  • Collaborate more efficiently using Matterport’s ecosystem of hardware and software.

  • Enhance collaboration between design and construction teams.

  • Utilize Matterport digital twins in advanced 3D workflows

  • Document and model As-Built conditions based on their Matterport digital twin.

  • Enable the modeling of complex spaces such as Mechanical / Electrical rooms.

  • Eliminate the time-consuming and hardware-intensive task of registering your pointclouds.

E57 Pointcloud

E57 pointcloud

Matterpak .xyz pointcloud

MatterPak .xyz pointcloud

Getting started with the Matterport E57 Add-on

If you already have a Matterport scan of your project, the E57 is available for purchase and download on the Add-On’s page. If you need hardware to capture your space, you can purchase the Pro2 and BLK360 from our webstore. Or, if you need help scanning your space, Matterport capture services can help you capture your projects faster, easier and at scale.

We also offer the Matterport Plugin for Autodesk® Revit®. With this integration, users can connect their Matterport E57 files, MatterPaks, or BIM files directly into Revit projects without any manual downloading, uploading, or conversion. By leveraging the Revit Plugin, AEC workflows have never been more efficient. 

Using the ReCap SDK, the Matterport plugin inserts pointcloud data pre-registered into your Revit project, eliminating the need for Recap to generate a Revit compatible pointcloud.

Purchase the Matterport E57 file today on the add-on’s page of your Matterport space; and be sure to let us know what you think and how this helps your AEC Workflows!

Clark Morgan - Product Manager, Platform


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