Introducing the 2022 Digital Twin Award Winners

This year’s awards were a resounding success, with many deserving winners taking home top honours.

The Digital Twin Awards, founded by CAPTUR3D, celebrates the astonishing innovation at the heart of the Matterport community.

We saw impressive growth from the previous year, with hundreds of entrants from around the world and thousands of votes cast. The entries this year were truly outstanding, and we loved all the praise being shared around the community. So many of you are pushing the boundaries of this technology, combining expert scanning techniques with lots of different third-party offerings. So thank you to everyone who participated and took the time to enter their work!

Watch us announce the 2022 Winners:

It’s incredible to see such creative Matterport digital twins coming from individuals and organisations, across so many different industries.

This year, in addition to public voting, we introduced the Judges Choice awards to further recognise participants who excelled in their categories. Our expert panel certainly had their work cut out for them! So a big thank you to the 2022 panel: Amir Frank, Dee Johnson, Dustin Gardner, Kosta Pinirou & Mark Shepherd.

We look forward to bringing the Digital Twin Awards back for a third year. But for now, let’s dive into our 2022 winners!

Here’s the full list of 2022 winners:

Best Digital Twin for 2022 Judges Choice - 360-PRO - 'Unique 5 Star Kastens Hotel Luisenhof' People's Choice - TechVoyager - 'VGP Marine Kingdom' Most Unique Use of Matterport Judges Choice - Treedis - 'Treedis Halloween Experience' People's Choice - 360-PRO - 'Kernbach GmbH'

Best Digital Twin for Real Estate Judges Choice & People’s Choice - 3D 360 - 'A Riverside Guesthouse for Celebrations' Best Digital Twin for Education Judges Choice - Treedis - 'Biology E-Learning Experience' People's Choice - VirtualTours360Sardegna - 'Ex Convento dei Cappuccini'

Best Digital Twin for Arts & Culture Judges Choice - Vluks Media - 'CSA La Tabacalera' People's Choice - Scene3D - 'Tower Bridge'

Statements from the winners

DTA 2022 blog image 2

Scene3D - 'Tower Bridge' The team here at Scene3D were absolutely over the moon to even be nominated, so to have won the People's Choice Award for Best Digital Twin of Arts and Culture 2022 for our work on Tower Bridge feels like a great milestone for our business. It was a privilege to be trusted with bringing this iconic landmark to life online and was definitely one of the most unique projects we’ve undertaken. We’d like to saw a huge thank you to everyone who voted for us and for the teams at Matterport and CAPTUR3D for putting together these industry awards. 

Now we’ve got our eyes set on winning more at the Digital Twin Awards in 2023!

DTA 2022 blog image 1

TechVoyager - 'VGP Marine Kingdom' VGP Marine Kingdom is located in ECR Chennai. It is India's largest walk-through aquarium, housing many exotic aquatic species in 5 zones (rainforest, gorge, mangrove, coastal, deep ocean). Scuba diving lessons and live feeding shows provide that extra thrill, while candle light dinners and touch pool exhibits give a peaceful ambience. 

The premise was to shoot using Matterport Pro2 at night and after hours, to avoid blurs caused due to customers moving around. It was very challenging to get the lighting right and bright enough for sufficient picture quality. But the main challenge was in making sure that the fishes were recorded properly without coming out as blurs. We had to wait for a long time in front of fish tanks to capture fish when they weren't moving. Our head ached with the constant challenges; visiting hours, feeding hours and fish active hours, etc. 

But that's what made this project so much more special. This is our winning entry to the DTAs, made with love, from TechVoyager.

DTA 2022 blog image 3

 3D 360 - 'A Riverside Guesthouse for Celebrations' At 3D360 we always like to experiment and "raise the bar" with each new project. We’re dedicated to testing the limits of Matterport’s hardware and software. 

When we started scanning the space, we realised a simple virtual tour of a hotel, combined with some drone pictures of the outside area, would not fit our ambitions. So we started capturing outside with BLK360. It took us 2 days to capture everything for this project. We had some challenges with BLK360 with almost nothing to grab on to, for alignment, difficult scanning on pontoons, because they were moving in waves.

In the end, and with a lot of patience we got better results than we expected thanks to Matterport’s AI Engine - a beautiful 3D model of the hotel and outside territory. The next step was making the shortcut panel with matching colours of our client’s website and logo, which we did with the help of MPEmbed.  We entered the Digital Twin Awards for the first time with no expectations of winning, especially double-win. We would like to thank the Jury, Matterport, and the hotel staff for their patience with our experiment. 

DTA 2022 blog image 4

360-PRO - 'Unique 5 Star Kastens Hotel Luisenhof' & 'Kernbach GmbH' At 360-Pro, we are very happy to be the only German company to have won a DTA this year, this time even in two categories. 

We are particularly proud that the jury chose our Kastens Hotel Luisenhof. This hotel was very complex to record and we encountered many challenges, which helped us to develop completely new techniques to record particularly large buildings in such detail.

We would also like to thank everyone who helped us win the People’s Choice award through public voting. The Kernbach Natursteine company was also scanned in a very complex and detailed manner, indoors and outdoors using only the PRO2. We are particularly proud of the dollhouse, which shows all the granite slabs, equipment and every stone outside in great detail!

In total, we have already won three awards and will try to inspire the jury and the public again next year with impressive digital twins and are very motivated to receive an award again. With the new PRO3 and the many new features that Matterport and SDKs software are developing, we already have new ideas for new target groups and opportunities for exciting new concepts. Stay tuned!

DTA 2022 blog image 5

VirtualTours360Sardegna - 'Ex Convento dei Cappuccini' My name is Francesco Loddo, the owner of VirtualTours360Sardegna - a company located in Quartu S. Elena that deals with Real Estate services. I am extremely enthusiastic about being a Digital Twin Awards winner!

Digital Twins are an excellent tool for advertising monumental sites of great historical value, such as Ex Convento dei Cappuccini/Chiesa di Sant'Agata - which dates back to 1290. Our winning work functions as a marketing and advertising tool, and at the same time is an educational instrument that will give the visitor a unique and immersive experience. This is achieved through tags, videos, descriptions of places and recovered photos of the time.

What’s more, I used CAPTUR3D’s very useful virtual staging tool to clean the façade of the monastery and insert some murals instead of the writings, thus creating an innovative effect also visible through VR. I added several TV screens with videos, as well as many paintings that visualise the town as it once was. I even placed 3D vases of flowers and several benches to enhance the feeling like visitors are really in a museum. 

I would like to thank everybody who voted for this work and everybody who will visit Virtual Tour in the future. My special thanks go to the CAPTUR3D Team which has organized the event with its exceptional layout; the Matterport team, the quality sponsor of the event and the creator of the dream machine, and last but not least the whole Team of Reality Capture Experts that constantly help me with training and confrontation to improve myself and deliver a better job every time.

DTA 2022 blog image 6

Vluks Media - 'CSA La Tabacalera' Vluks Media and La Tabacalera came together to immortalize the halls of the largest social center in Europe. Now the cultural icon of the Lavapiés neighborhood and Madrid opens its doors digitally so you can visit it whenever you want, from any device and wherever you are. The model allows the visitor to walk through the different spaces of the center and experience every detail of its facilities in 360º.

This digital twin contains a quick access menu to the 23 classes, the documentaries about the center, and the more than 100 artists whose works decorate the ex-factory. Each mural contains information points and links to the author's multimedia content. The virtualization of La Tabacalera was carried out with the sole purpose of culturally spreading both the artists who decorate the walls of the centre, as well as the classes and their activities.

As it is an underground icon of Spanish culture and because of its notable influence on the cultural life of Madrid, we present the project as a small contribution from Vluks to urban culture and the Lavapiés neighbourhood.

We may not be sure what culture is, but in Madrid, we know where you can find it.

Video of the project (with English subtitles)

DTA 2022 blog image 7

Treedis - 'Treedis Halloween Experience' The Treedis Halloween haunted house was created as a fun experience for families and friends to enjoy during Halloween. Through Treedis Experience Creator and our 3D Editor (previously called Virtual Staging) I was able to create an Immersive and engaging experience based on a digital twin of a burnt house.

The guided navigation bar along with the voice overs, sound effects, animated 3D objects and content truly bring this experience to life. This Experience was created in 48h. With a Matterport Digital Twin we already had, a few online resources, and some creativity, we turned this simple idea into a fun, never-before-seen Metaverse marketing experience. This easy-to-use yet revenue-generating tool can be tailored to a variety of use cases, including marketing, gaming, training, e-learning, onboarding, and storytelling.

DTA blog image 7

Treedis - 'Biology E-Learning Experience' Research and studies have shown that content passed in an immersive way is better understood by students, and knowledge retention is much higher. In the world of e-learning, there is a desperate need for new ways to pass content in a multisensory and engaging way. Making learning fun and interesting is possible using Treedis. The experience shows that gamified features can be combined with educational content to engage students, way more than with a power point presentation. 

Fun fact: This experience was used in a school, in which the professor enabled our avatar feature in order to recreate the social experience of learning. Learning and training experiences of this type are already used by schools and large organizations.

To learn more about CAPTUR3D, visit or join the CAPTUR3D Community Group. You can also read the Matterport case study here.

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