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Earlier this year, we announced our official Platform Partner Program to help developers like you build applications and integrations on our spatial data platform. For years, Matterport has enabled anyone to turn a physical space into an immersive digital twin. Hundreds of thousands of customers have created over five million spaces. But, it’s what people can do with those spaces that are the next frontier. That’s where you, as a developer partner, come in.

The Matterport platform is unique in that it lets you build applications at the intersection of space and data. As a Platform Partner, you will be able to analyze space characteristics programmatically, overlay information via powerful integrations, and deliver insights to customers that wouldn’t be possible at scale.

Over 100 partners have signed up over the last eight months, and the program is open for more businesses to join. As a Platform Partner, you can create new, breakthrough industry solutions for our customers. You’ll bring digital twins to life by using our tools to build new applications and integrations that meet specific vertical use cases, such as:

  • Product and space visualization like design planning, immersive e-commerce shopping experiences, virtual staging of a home, or layouts of facilities.

  • Interactivity within Matterport spaces through guided virtual tours for museums, homes or offices; virtual training (let’s say of a factory) or onboarding experiences.

  • Custom branding and design with 3D virtual retail stores and real estate showcases.

  • Being able to measure engagement with hot spots and heat maps where users are interacting or see how much interest there is with objects in a space.

  • Gaming through AR/VR experiences in a real-world scanned environment.

As a Platform Partner, you’ll have programmatic access to our spatial data library. You can either integrate digital twins or spatial data into your solutions or create application layers and add-ons on top of digital twins to customize or extend your capabilities. You can customize and extend the immersive 3D experience and add new functionality, or tap directly into the rich spatial data behind every space to analyze and generate new property insights. The data library includes spatial, dimensional, structural, and rich contextual property information, as well as 3D mesh data, 2D HDR imagery, point clouds, and panoramic photospheres. To accelerate app building, you will have the flexibility to innovate using languages you already know, such as TypeScript or JavaScript, while taking full advantage of the Three.js open source ecosystems. 

Hear from some of our Platform Partners:

  • Phoria creates immersive XR experiences and increased sales by 350% in one year!

  • Treedis uses Matterport APIs and SDKs to develop lead-generation, live-chat, analytics, e-commerce, and virtual staging solutions.

  • SIMLAB integrates BIM and smart home IoT technologies into digital twins.

  • VRPM designs and stages immersive 3D virtual tours to help commercial real estate clients lease properties faster.

  • RemSense creates virtual industrial plants for better training, inspection, and hazard analysis at sites. 

  • ViewAR accesses a spatial data library, providing AR applications, including guided navigation, step-by-step instructions or inventory tracking for asset management   

Beyond accessibility to our developer tools, you’ll also gain access to a range of commercial benefits as a Platform Partner, such as Matterport’s distribution network and enhanced support, as well as co-marketing and co-selling programs to help you successfully monetize your applications.

By leveraging Matterport’s APIs and SDKs, you’ll be able to build integrations that make digital twins more valuable, improve workflows that accelerate business, and create full-fledged AR / VR experiences that change how people interact with interior spaces and objects. We believe that by partnering with you, we can offer solutions that meet our mutual customers where they are today and beyond.

Learn more about the Matterport Platform Partner Program and apply to join here. On the form, be sure to select “Technology” under “Partner Type.”


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