New! Elevate your Showcase experience with exciting new plugins to build your brand and increase customer engagement.

Discover four new features that bring next level personalization to your digital twin

A plugin is essentially a software component that adds a specific feature or functionality to an existing software application. With the new Showcase Plugins  you can customize and enhance your spaces, tailoring them to meet your specific needs and preferences. For instance, plugins can boost interactivity, augment user experience or even streamline administrative tasks, thereby creating a more immersive and efficient virtual environment.

Plugins can be configured and combined in different ways to suit your specific needs. You can choose which features to include and where to display them in your space. This flexibility allows you to create a seamless and personalized experience for your viewers. Let’s explore the four first plugins available for your Matterport Showcase. 

Minimap. Exploring a digital twin is generally intuitive, but it can pose challenges when users navigate through vast spaces or try to orient themselves across multiple properties. To address this, we've introduced the minimap plugin, offering users an additional means to understand the size of the space, dimensions and their own location within it. You can customize the size of the minimap on screen and choose between a circle map, a square map, or a map with no background. The minimap can be placed in any corner of the screen. 

Compass. Use the new compass plugin to show which direction is north relative to the current viewpoint. Customize the placement of the compass and minimap on your screen to fit your users’ needs. You can also customize the style of the compass on screen and choose any corner for placement.

Business card. Enhance visitor experience by incorporating an expandable business card, showcasing key contact information. For example, this could include agent or brokerage details for properties on sale or lease, or the reservations desk for hotels. The business card plugin can only be placed in the lower right corner of the screen and is minimized unless the user hovers over the collapsed info card.

Quick link. Add an image and a link in the corner for quickly and easily accessible content. This could be adding a menu to a restaurant, a booking time to reserve tickets to visit a museum, a donation button and more. The quick link plugin can only be placed in the lower left corner of the screen.

Get Started with Plugins

Use these new plugins to empower your audience to feel immersed in your space. Get started with the new plugins today by logging into your Matterport account and navigate to the plugins tab on the right hand side menu when editing a space. From there, you can browse through our selection of available plugins and choose the ones that best suit your needs. Have questions? Check out our support article to learn more about enabling each plugin

With just a few clicks, you can add these powerful tools to your showcase and create an even more immersive and interactive experience for your viewers. We built these new plugins based on feedback from our customers and are excited to deliver more ways to personalize your digital twin in the future. Keep an eye on our list of active beta programs to have a chance to test and shape what we create next.


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