New! Introducing Schematic Floor Plan customization.

Matterport’s floor plan service now includes color, furniture, company logo, and expanded language availability.

Matterport is excited to announce that our popular and affordable 2D floor plans are now available with more customization options so you can elevate your property listing, increase your revenue on every job and kick-start projects with a simplified layout. Previously only available in black and white, now you can select from: 

  1. Color or black and white

  2. With or without furniture

  3. Include a company logo 

  4. Choose from English, French, Spanish, German, and Italian

New floor plan 1

Color, furniture, language, and expedited delivery options are exclusively available for spaces under 10,000 square feet. However, you can add a logo to any floor plan size. Rest assured, every Matterport schematic floor plan adheres to the globally recognized RICS standard. This standard ensures that assets and properties are measured using consistent methods across all organizations, providing a reliable and standardized approach.

Floor plans are not only a simple way to attract qualified buyers ready to make an offer, but they also save time by being directly created from a 3D tour, eliminating the need for an extra visit. Elevating property listings, floor plans allow buyers to visualize the layout, measurements, and flow of a property, helping them decide if the space fits their needs. Adding color and furniture makes it even easier for potential buyers to envision themselves in the space. For photographers and real estate professionals, incorporating a custom logo is an excellent strategy to establish a brand and attract repeat customers. These new options create an additional revenue stream for photographers offering floor plans, delivering extra value and setting them apart from competitors. Floor plans also serve as a prompt for design and layout discussions with clients, providing a quick and reliable means of visualizing projects and improving communication through additional language options.

Ordering floor plans from Matterport is simple. With any paid Matterport subscription, you can get a floor plan within 48 hours. Need it faster? Express (6 hours) and Fast (24 hours) are available for a fee. Order a schematic floor plan today.


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