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See the real estate social media tool contest backed by reality capture

Best practices in real estate social media strategy is becoming increasingly critical in today's market. See how Better Homes and Garden Real Estate is enabling their network by developing a social tool to better manage these platforms and ran a contest that featured the shareable content of 3D reality capture.

Real estate is a multi-faceted, multi-layered industry. And for every one of these layers in the home buying and selling process there can be numerous technologies that now exist, designed to innovate that step. Like many industries, perhaps nowhere else is this impact more obvious than the emergence of social media.

It’s impossible to ignore. Today, people spend an average of 122 minutes each day viewing social media and real estate companies are taking notice. In fact, some companies are even creating their own platforms, designed for getting more use out of these social ones. Better Homes and Garden Real Estate (BHGRE) is one such company as they recently launched their own social tool that’s integrated with their current intranet portal, named, “Greenhouse.” It was a launch that featured a contest to encourage it’s use and offered a unique prize for creating unique content designed for making the most of the unique opportunities provided by social media.

Creating engagements is critical to any real estate professional and social media is increasingly becoming part of real estate farming and lead generation best practices. To capitalize on this growing trend. BHGRE turned to Matterport 3D to provide the complete reality capture package (Pro2 camera, tripod, and SaaS subscription) for their contest’s winner and, in turn, the highly immersive, highly shareable content it creates.

See how the real estate tech boom has finally arrived to create new opportunities for reaching today's generation of homebuyer.

It’s content that includes not only the immersive digital twin of a property but also, 2D photography, floor plans and “Mattershort” video and GIFs. With the BHGRE social tool, accessing all these assets, as well as labeling whether a listings has a 3D view available, is all located in a single portal for posting.

In addition to creating a more easily managed social media posting structure, the BHGRE social tool also pulls listing details and features other resources, all readily available for use from the user’s dashboard.

[See the Better Homes and Garden Social Tool in action]

The contest lasted the month of July and those who were active with the social tool were entered into a drawing for the grand prize. During that period, the social tool racked up a total of over 3500 posts according to BHGRE.

When the dust settled, it was Rachel Heiss, from Florida, New York, who earned the ability to offer Matterport’s fully immersive client experience and the engaging visual assets designed for posting on the social tool that got her there. She herself posted 29 times in securing the win.

“With the social tool there’s a more constant stream of content which helps keep pages active,” said Heiss. “I can’t wait to start playing with [Matterport], I’m a big tech geek.”

The use of immersive reality capture isn’t unfamiliar to the BHGRE network as Heiss notes that they “been using Matterport from the beginning.” Equipped with her own camera however, she’ll now be able to create greater implementation. And while the self-proclaimed “tech geek” looks forward to discovering all the details of her new social media capabilities, she also notes that perhaps the best part is that you need not be a “tech geek” yourself to get started. “The biggest draw is probably the ease of use,” said Heiss. “These tools are allowing us to post great content with high relevance.”

For real estate professionals, relevancy is what it’s all about. The ability to showcase the value that’s offered to clients is changing along with the way clients search for that information. Putting the fully immersive client experience of reality capture right at the fingertips (and in the social feeds) of those she aims to reach, provides unique way of communicating that value.

So, with this upgraded ability of Matterport 3D reality capture, what will the social tool winner do next? Turns out she has a number of plans already. The first is to shoot their offices to share with others a unique look inside their business and another had some inspiration from her own experience. “I think I might have a little contest in the office and the winner will get to use my [Matterport].”

It’s all part of what any real estate professional hopes is winning formula for their clients and winning more business. Rachel Heiss and her BHGRE branch will now have a few more tools at their disposal to make that connection happen, by utilizing their social tool and the ability to share the world’s most immersive client experience, through Matterport.

Follow along with the blog as we check-in with Rachel to see how her story is progressing along with her use of these real estate technologies. And contact and expert today to learn more about how Matterport's immersive client experience can best be implemented at your business. 


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