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The Vault at dPOP!

Explore This! Lock yourself in this 100-year-old vault beneath the Chrysler House in downtown Detroit. For decades, the Edwardian-era vault, once belonging to the Bank of the Commonwealth, became a neglected repository for building supplies and trash until Quicken Loans founder, Dan Gilbert, purchased the 23-story building in 2011. A couple years later, dPOP!, a Quicken Loans interior design spin-off, uncovered the original details of the vault and decided to make the unique space their office. The basement now houses 60 dPOP! employees, after they cleaned up, restored, and renovated the decaying space. The vault serves as the central conference room, lined with the original gold safe deposit boxes, decorated with chandeliers and leather furniture, and accessed by a guarded door made from 12 feet of bullet-proof steel. The company’s ethos is all about making office spaces creative and collaborative, and their own office is no exception.

To learn more about this design firm and their unique space, visit dPOP!

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Model Title: The Vault at dPOP!
Created By: Nev Muftari,
Location: Detroit, MI