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Welcome to the All-New Support Section

We’ve designed a quicker way to find the answers you seek

We’ve all been there, looking through a site’s Help or Support section and just not able to find what we’re looking for - even when the question is not that obscure and perhaps common. I’ve been there more times than I care to remember. We do not want Matterport customers to experience that feeling of frustration, so we decided to rethink and restructure our Support section. I’m going to give you a quick tour of the Support section.

The first step in our journey was to think about you, our customers, and info seekers. What industry are you in? What information is most important to you? And, of course, how can we reduce the friction between you and the answers you need. 

After countless hours of research and analysis, certain trends and insights began to surface from the data. We had a clearer picture of how to design a Support page that would highlight commonly asked questions in an easily accessible way. 

New support page blog image 1

Under the Resources tab in the main menu of our website, you’ll find the new Support section. When you scroll down the page, you’ll discover a bold link to the Help Center that includes hundreds of articles that cover just about every how-to question you might have. Just below that link is the short-list of the most common questions we receive, so be sure to have a look there before searching the Help Center.

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The next section highlights the Quick Start Guide for each of the most popular cameras we support. Followed by two sections very close to my own heart, the series of Shop Talk Webinars, including registering for upcoming webinars as well as the most recent webinars you can watch now, and the most popular Matterport Academy videos. The Matterport Academy is a series of videos that cover a large amount of information we feel is important to know as you capture, collaborate/edit, and share your 3D models. 

For anyone interested in speaking with us directly for any reason at all, the next section includes the correct phone number you should use to reach the support or sales teams.

Finally, if you can’t find an answer to your question, you can ask our amazing community. Towards the bottom of the Support section is a link to join our Facebook group, MOUG (Matterport Official User Group), a collective knowledge base of professionals who have been through it all. We encourage everyone to take advantage of this tremendous resource. 

We put a ton of effort and sweat into our new Support section, but we know it may not have all the answers you seek. Like with everything else, there’s always room to grow and get better. For that reason, we never stop listening to your feedback and are continuously tweaking things to make your experience better. 

I know you’re anxious to get to our new Support section, so go ahead. Check it out!


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