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Matterport TruePlan for Xactimate accelerates property loss estimation by 4x. Read more

Sales: +44(0)2038 747580

Matterport TruePlan for Xactimate accelerates property loss estimation by 4x. Read more

Sales: +44(0)2038 747580

You Don’t Have to Wait for iPhone 12 to Capture in 3D

Walk through these 12 locations and get inspired to Matterport a space with the iPhone and iPad you already own.

Apple announced a lineup of iPhone 12s this week, and we’re pretty excited about them - especially knowing that the Pro and Pro Max will include LiDAR. By bringing 3D sensing technology mainstream, people around the world will realize all of its possibilities. 

But guess what? Thousands already are. 

Our Matterport Capture app has been downloaded over 100,000 times over the last three months by iPhone and iPad users to create and share spaces they care about in 3D. While we work to add iPhone 12 compatibility to the Capture app, we are thrilled to share our 12 favourite 3D spaces captured by customers with the iPhones and iPads they already own. If you missed those posts on our social media channels, no worries. We’ve collected them all here for you to explore and enjoy.

We hope you’re inspired to download our free app today, couple it with a free account, and Matterport your first 3D space. If you want to share it with the world, nominate it. Perhaps your space will be featured next in our galleries, in our blogs and on our social media channels.

#12: Office Sweet Office

Check out this stylish 3D space that functions as a home office, guest room and comfy place to kick back and binge watch your favourites. Want it? Check out the Mattertags to click and buy the items you love.

#11: Construction in Progress

Is building your thing? Explore a home under construction that was captured with an iPhone X. Ad hoc scanning with your iPhone is a great way to keep property owners informed and happy.

#10: California Dreamin’

Matterport for iPhone is an immersive way to capture places and memories of a special day. Drop into a Matterport of Rockaway Beach in California captured with an iPad Pro, and get inspired to create a memorable walk through of your favourite spot.

#9: It’s Sunny in New Jersey

It's impressive what can be done with an iPhone 11 and a tripod. Check out the digital twin of a sizable home for sale in New Jersey! 

#8: Tinkering in the Basement

Captured with an iPhone 11 Pro, this 3D capture of a basement workshop is full of neat projects and tools. What creative spaces will you Matterport and share?

#7: Walking the Flats

Step inside the #youresplanade art gallery in Alberta, Canada to view a new body of work by local artist Theresa Eisenbarth. Matterport for iPhone is perfect for capturing, viewing and selling art from all over the world. 

Learn more about Theresa and visit the virtual gallery.

#6: Escape Room Adventure

Create fun ways to keep your family engaged while hunkering down at home. Check out this escape room adventure captured with an iPhone 11 and learn how to create one yourself here.

#5: Tis’ the Season

Retailers like burton + BURTON are using Matterport for iPhone to capture their stores in immersive 3D, opening virtual doors to shoppers everywhere. Open your business up to the world with our free Capture app and your iPhone or iPad.

Check out their virtual holiday showroom

#4: Calm, Chaos and Creeps!

With Halloween around the corner, Matterport for iPhone or iPad is a great way to share your creative holiday decor! Drop into this 3D space and get inspired! What seasonal spaces will you Matterport? 

#3: Emergency Preparedness

With raging fires, floods and hurricanes, it’s time to capture a 3D digital twin of your home and document what's most important to you. Check out this model and read how to prepare for an emergency with a free Matterport account here and our Capture app for iPhone.

#2: The Warren

Imagine walking through a digital twin of the home you grew up in to relive precious memories whenever you want. This self-built home was captured with an iPhone X and does just that. What spaces will you preserve? 

#1: Vacation Time

We're all longing to book a vacation as soon as COVID restrictions are lifted. In the meantime, we can dream about relaxing in places like this home in South Africa captured in 3D with an iPhone 11. Capture your favourite getaway or vacation rental with our free Capture app; and if you own a rental, what better way to market it?



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