Matterport for Android is here

Now everyone has the power to take a space online with just the phone in their pocket

Matterport’s mission as a spatial data company is to bring every space online - turning any home, office, shop, or hotel into a digital twin that can be accessed, explored, and managed from any device, anywhere in the world.

To do that, it is instrumental that we empower you to capture from a range of devices, whether it’s from 3D cameras like our own Matterport Pro2, 360° cameras from Ricoh or Insta360, or even mobile devices you already own. 

Today, we are excited to make 3D capture available to all with the addition of Matterport for Android. This launch complements Matterport for iPhone, giving billions of people and businesses around the world the power to create, edit and share immersive digital twins of any space with just the phone in their pocket. It’s easy, fast and free - just download the app and go.

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With a 3D digital twin you can:

Publish a stunning 3D virtual tour online and easily share it across your professional and social networks. 

Create a vivid and comprehensive digital appraisal of your home and everything in it for insurance, space planning, or just peace of mind.

Collaborate with people across town or across the world. Document daily site conditions on your job site, share progress on a remodel, send layouts to your architect or designer and more. 

Manage an entire portfolio of properties from anywhere. Walk through buildings or construction sites, see updated floor plans, virtually stage properties and more. 

Measure your space, and everything in it with Measurement Mode. Avoid costly errors and ensure accuracy when installing fixtures, furniture and equipment.

How does it work?

Our AI engine called Cortex is a deep learning neural network that accurately predicts 3D building geometry using just the camera in your smartphone.

It’s very simple to get started - just download the Matterport Capture app from the Google Play store. You can start scanning right away, and your first space is free. The app will guide you through the simple steps needed to capture and upload your digital twin. 

Our resident expert, Amir Frank, also created three in-depth videos to get you from download to digital twin in minutes:

Installing the app

Capturing your space

Customizing your digital twin


What Android devices can I use?You’ll need a Google-certified device running Android 9 or higher, with 3GB of RAM or more. You can use a phone or tablet, but phones tend to have higher quality cameras and they are easier to keep centered as you rotate.

In which app stores is this available?The Matterport Capture app is available in the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

Can I order schematic floor plans from models created with just the phone?Yes! Paid subscribers can order 2D floor plans from the spaces captured with a compatible mobile device.

Can I use a monopod or tripod?Absolutely. It’s a good idea for larger projects because it helps rotate the mobile device more consistently which improves the quality of the 3D capture.


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