AI at Matterport.

Simplifying 3D capture with Cortex AI

More than a decade ago, Matterport made it easy for anyone to create a 3D digital twin for buildings and spaces. Our industry-first solution, Cortex AI, is powered by AI and fully automated, allowing us to create thousands of digital twins daily without human intervention.  The technology behind Cortex combines computer vision, advanced image processing, and deep learning neural network to create 3D spatial data from a wide variety of capture devices. Cortex's dynamic 3D reconstruction is facilitated by ground truth data and real-time spatial alignment algorithms in the Matterport Capture App, enabling the dimensionally-accurate production of 3D environments. Optimized against Matterport’s vast spatial data library, this allows for consistent results across varying spaces and environments.  Advanced image processing ensures professional-grade image quality, handling adjustments such as color correction, high dynamic range tone mapping, and more. This makes the 3D capture process as straightforward as pressing a button, allowing users to capture virtually any environment with ease. And with the power of computer vision, Cortex can automatically calculate measurements, create 2D high-definition photos, enforce privacy protection, recognize objects, and so much more.

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Property Intelligence, powerful data on demand

Tens of billions of square feet have been digitally captured with Matterport. By turning buildings and spaces into digital twins, Matterport unlocks unparalleled property insights for companies and individuals to better design, build, promote, and manage their most valuable assets.  It all begins with automation—the most powerful and direct way to save you time and money.  Matterport Property Intelligence is a new collection of AI-powered features, representing years of advancements in data science to automatically surface detailed information about a property– from automatically calculating square footage of a space, to determining ceiling height and wall dimensions– all data of which is exportable to MLS systems and other analytics and data-enabled software platforms and services.  The depth and variety of our spatial data library reflects our cutting-edge technology and widespread adoption across industries, making it a valuable resource across various sectors, including real estate, architecture, engineering, construction, facility management, and more.

From spatial computing, to the metaverse, to redesigning your living room, Matterport digital twins are the best way to manage and reimagine any physical space. Log into your Matterport account today to experience the power of Property Intelligence today.

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The future of digital twins, from insights to generative AI

As the industry's leading digital twin platform for the built world, we continue to make our platform smarter to make it easier for our customers to quickly get vital property data in their hands without the need to routinely access their physical buildings and spaces. Our technology was built with AI embedded from the start, and we continue to innovate, bringing the latest in AI-powered automation to our customers. From automated measurement and property layouts today, to new design concepts, operational layouts, and other space planning projects tomorrow, Matterport will continue to improve operating efficiency and the decision making process in the property sector.  Modernize your business to save time and money. Move from pen, paper and photographs to Matterport, your fully-immersive digital copilot for all property projects. Make smarter, faster decisions with on demand insights pulled directly from your digital twin data. Know that your data is secure and your teams are empowered to collaborate with internal and external stakeholders from anywhere in the world.  Trust the data the first time, every time. From precise measurements of your space to object location and identification, rely on Matterport to complete your project with confidence.  Behind every successful project is a Matterport digital twin.

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