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Matterport Cortex Artificial Intelligence

Meet Cortex AI

Matterport’s Cortex artificial intelligence is a deep learning neural network that creates robust 3D spatial data from a wide variety of capture devices including Lidar cameras, the Matterport Pro2, 360 cameras, and even smartphones. Cortex makes our all-in-one 3D data platform the most powerful on the market.

Wireframe of built space
Deep learning

Optimized neural networks are key to creating robust, highly accurate 3D digital twins in the real world.

Matterport’s vast spatial data library uniquely enables the development of new neural network architectures and the ability to evaluate and optimize them against user behavior and real world data in millions of situations. This yields remarkably consistent results across a wide array of building configurations, spaces, and environments.

3D Reconstruction
Dynamic 3D reconstruction

To create precision 3D spatial data at scale requires a unique combination of ground truth data from millions of spaces captured to tune and optimize Cortex’s neural network for improved 3D reconstruction with different cameras. This combined with real-time spatial alignment algorithms in our Capture app create an intuitive ‘preview’ of work in progress- keeping Matterport 3D capture experience simple and robust for any type of customer in any type of space.

Automates processes
Computer Vision

Cortex enables a host of powerful features to enhance the value of your digital twin. These include: automatic measurements for any room or object in the room, automatic 2D-from-3D HD photo gallery creation, auto face blurring for privacy protection, custom videos, walkthroughs, auto room labeling, object recognition, and so much more. 

Room with image quality improvement
Advanced image processing

Matterport’s sophisticated computational photography algorithms create a fully automated image processing pipeline to ensure that every digital twin is professional grade image quality, no matter who is behind the camera. Our patented technology truly makes 3D capture as simple as pressing a single button. Our software handles the rest:

White balance & camera-specific color correction, HDR tone mapping, denoising, haze removal, sharpening, saturation adjustments are just some of the capabilities. 

Universal improvements to image quality and appearance in all directions simultaneously, including mixed light sources and dramatic changes in luminance are critical to the finished product, and Matterport automates these professional-grade adjustments at scale. 

This enables you to capture virtually any kind of environment with no additional steps beyond hitting the Capture button in our app. The only limit is your imagination.