Matterport Space Search: Now Available!

Bring new levels of utility to your digital twin

At Matterport, we’re always looking for new ways to innovate our platform and deliver new value for our customers and their 3D spaces. We are pleased to share that we have released Space Search, a new feature that enables Matterport users to search and access data stored within their digital twins. Just like you’d use the ‘find’ option in a document, Space Search makes it quick and easy to locate a particular element in a space and jump directly to it.

To use Space Search, simply click the magnifying glass icon located in the top left corner of your digital twin and type your search query. The tool will pull up results across several data elements within your digital twin, including:

  • Mattertags – Visual tags that are anchored to a specific location, object, or feature within your digital twin, Mattertags can be color-coded and include detailed text and embedded links

  • Notes – A collaboration tool that enables Matterport users to have conversations directly within a Matterport space. Users can ask questions, insert comments, view, reply to, and create conversation threads

  • Labels – Short descriptions you can associate with specific rooms in your digital twin. 

  • Measurements - You can take measurements in Edit mode, and you and your visitors can take measurements in Showcase mode. The ability to search for measurements holds particular value for Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) professionals looking to quickly access measurements of a ‘dining room table’ or ‘boardroom’

Space Search image

The addition of Space Search creates new possibilities and added value for digital twin workflows across a variety of industries, particularly for customers who are storing a significant amount of data within their digital twins. Some examples of how Space Search can be used include:

  • Architects, engineers, and construction teams collaborating on a new build can quickly verify measurements 

  • Residential realtors can better market their properties by giving potential home buyers the ability to search for specific features

  • Rental property tenants can access important information about their home by using the tool to search for the ‘thermostat’ or ‘electrical unit’, or other points of interest a property owner might have tagged

  • Insurance adjusters make it easier for their carrier partners to access detailed information about a property’s origin of loss

  • Retailers with virtual showrooms can easily search and access detailed product information to make merchandising and inventory decisions, while shoppers can quickly search for and locate an item they’re hoping to purchase

Space Search is available across all Matterport account types, and all existing digital twins will have Space Search enabled by default. Please see our support documentation to learn more about how to use and control this feature across your digital twins.


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