New! High-Density Scanning for Pro3 coming in H1 2024 - Join the Beta Program Today

Capture more detail than ever with Matterport Pro3

Matterport is at the forefront of revolutionizing the digital landscape of the built world. Our innovative spatial data platform seamlessly transforms any physical space into a digital twin that can be effortlessly accessed, explored, and managed across all devices. In any industry, businesses are actively seeking pioneering solutions to streamline processes, enhance customer engagement, and establish a dominant presence in their respective markets. Investment in digital twins continues to be a game-changer, particularly in the realms of facility management strategy, building operations, and design and construction applications. High-density scanning has further amplified the transformative power of digital twins, offering customers unprecedented opportunities to do more than ever with the digital record of their spaces. Today, we're thrilled to announce our high-density scanning open beta program for all users of our lidar-enabled Pro3 3D camera.  

The Role of High-Density Scanning

High-density scanning is the process of capturing detailed and precise images of physical spaces, objects, or documents. This means that there is more data captured and available for use within every point cloud file. This is useful for capturing small or thin details in your as-built modeling workflows, especially with point clouds from the e57 add-on file

Even if you don’t use either e57 or Matterpak files, high-density scanning gives you a higher-fidelity digital twin of the location scanned. Generally, the model crafted will be a more accurate digital replica of the scanned location. However, its usefulness relies heavily on your specific needs. If your primary aim is property marketing and you've successfully implemented tags, notes, and in-model measurements, higher density scanning may be unnecessary, since annotations like tags, notes, and measurements are generally applied to the underlying 3D mesh of the model. If you're facing challenges in attaching an annotation or acquiring a measurement from a minuscule or thin structure, a high-density scan may be just what you are looking for to help you accelerate the workflow.

Advanced Data Integration

When paired with Pro3’s lidar capabilities, high-density scanning can capture not only visual data but also spatial information. This enables precise mapping of spaces, making it easier to plan layouts, assess accessibility, and identify potential design improvements. Once a space is scanned, customers can access the higher density data in the form of an e57 or MatterPaks and use the RevIt plugin for smoother integration with Autodesk as well as other design and construction software.

Preservation and Documentation

For historical or heritage sites, high-density scanning preserves the architectural and cultural significance of the space. Digital twins created through high-density scanning can serve as valuable records for future generations. In addition to preserving the finest details of architectural wonders, it is prudent to have an accurate record of internal building systems like mechanical, electrical, and plumbing rooms.

Streamlined Workflows

In construction and architecture, high-density scanning reduces the need for manual measurements and site visits. The medium and high density scan settings increase the fidelity of the raw depth data (point cloud) for thin structures and finer details. For important modeling situations of as-built conditions with thin, hard-to-capture detail, a combination of more scan points (locations) with higher density settings might be needed. A great example would be ceilings in commercial buildings that often contain multiple important components that need to be modeled like pipes for a fire sprinkler system or electrical wiring. Having the flexibility to capture this level of detail makes sure critical components are clearly visible and more reliably identified, streamlining workflows, minimizes errors, and accelerates project timelines, ultimately saving you time and rework.

Capture More Detail with Pro3

Existing Pro3 users need to upgrade the firmware on your Pro3 and update their Matterport Capture App to access high-density scanning. After the updates are complete, you will be able to select density on a per scan basis:

  • Standard density: fastest capture speed, takes about 30 seconds or less to gather depth data

  • Medium density: medium capture speed, takes about 45 seconds or less to gather depth data

  • High density: slowest capture speed, takes about 2 minutes to gather depth data

With either of the non-standard options, the camera will rotate noticeably slower, capturing more raw data at each scan point. Just like Pro3, high-density data capture is available for both indoor and outdoor scanning. 

Next Generation Digital Twins with Matterport

Matterport's digital twins have already made a significant impact on how we interact with physical spaces, opening up new opportunities across various sectors. The benefits of these digital twins become even greater when combined with high-density scanning. This pairing leads to improvements in visual quality, precision, data integration, and operation efficiency, which is great news for businesses and professionals looking to stand out in their fields. As a leader in the digital twin industry, we're constantly working to improve our platform. This means that people who buy, sell, market and manage properties can have immediate access to critical property data without having to visit the physical location We're also enabling AI-based features to provide even more data and insights to our clients. As industries continue to adapt to the digital age, those who take advantage of Matterport's digital twins enhanced with high-density scanning will be at the forefront of innovation, delivering exceptional experiences and achieving significant efficiency improvements. The future of digital twins is very promising, and high-density scanning is key to unlocking their full potential. New to Pro3 or Matterport? Get started with Matterport and Pro3 today with our new Performance Kit, everything you need for a full day of scanning.


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