Property Intelligence Accelerates Restoration and Renovation Estimation

Matterport Supports Fast Documentation, Instant Scoping, and Effortless Estimating by Saving Hours of Processing Time

For restoration and renovation service providers, time is of the essence. They frequently work in dangerous settings, dedicating hours to manual measurements and multiple site visits—all in the effort to restore homes and businesses efficiently, without sacrificing accuracy or incurring extra costs due to rework. Matterport Property Intelligence revolutionizes this process, offering restoration contractors the ability to quickly and safely generate precise measurements, detailed floor plans, and comprehensive property reports with just a few clicks. This technology streamlines their workflow, ensuring accuracy and efficiency without the extra expense of revisiting and revising.

Fast Documentation 

Lay the groundwork for a successful claims process with detailed and accurate documentation, which has a significant impact on your bottom line. Quickly generate a comprehensive 3D, 360-degree map in just a few hours. By creating a digital twin, you capture all essential information about a property, saving over 2-4 hours per twin since initial measurements and room details become instantly available in Property Layout. With a digital twin, every photo and crucial detail is captured, ensuring nothing is missed. This twin is readily accessible from any computer, enabling your entire team to access the same information and remain aligned throughout the claims or restoration process.

With one click, easily transition between 2D and 3D views of your space, including labeled room names, wall segments and more. Every room in Property Layout is fully editable with a simple, point-and-click tool to adjust walls, openings, and room names. Easily add or remove doorways and windows, move walls, or adjust rooms – with measurements updated in real-time with each change. Read more about Property Layout in our support page

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Instant Scoping 

Schematic Floor Plans Schematic floor plans have long been a staple in the insurance and restoration industries. However, the introduction of the Property Report marks a significant advancement for professionals looking to quickly grasp a space's layout, capturing everything from broad measurements to minute details. This innovation enables the creation of scope of work reports with unprecedented speed, eliminating the wait for additional floor plan files or the verification of manual measurements. While a TruePlan™ file may still be necessary, the Property Intelligence features streamline the initial stages of processing claims. As soon as the digital twin finishes processing, it provides immediate measurements to estimate replacement costs for materials such as tile, carpet, or paint.

Updates made in Property Layout are instantaneously reflected in the Property Report, offering a print-ready summary of vital new property information, including layout and a detailed analysis by room, floor, and overall property. The precision of the Property Report is directly linked to the accuracy of the camera used to create the digital twin. The Property Report is designed for easy sharing and exporting. Additionally, customers who have invested in access to the Matterport API can significantly expedite their processes by incorporating Property Intelligence data directly into their daily operations and systems, maximizing the utility of their property data. Learn more about how the Property Report can enhance your workflow on our support page.

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Effortless Estimating

Property Intelligence revolutionizes estimation and streamlines the entire claims or restoration process. By automating measurements, it eliminates the time-consuming task of manual space measurement and empowers teams to efficiently organize their workflows with the assurance of comprehensive documentation via Matterport's digital twin platform. Whether estimating drywall costs or determining the size of a dehumidifier needed for drying flooded carpets, all necessary information is readily accessible. Matterport delivers accurate, transparent, and fair documentation and valuations. Save time, cut costs, and close claims much faster with Matterport. Now, Property Intelligence is included with most subscription plans at no additional charge and is automatically included on all new model uploads. To get started, log into your Matterport account, or explore our new features without signing in by visiting our 2024 Winter Release page.


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