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Reimagine Retail

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Virtual retail experiences have been on a forward trajectory over the last several years. Some retailers have embraced this evolution, while others were thrust into it. Either way, you get there, the time to reimagine retail is now. With the AR and VR market in retail set to reach $1.6 billion by 2025, do you know what tools are at your fingertips to attain this digital transformation? 

Building a virtual storefront is just the beginning. Adding eCommerce functionality, virtually staging products, and integrating voice and video into your storefront help replicate that in-person experience so many consumers are seeking out. We’re excited to share Matterport Partner tools that will engage your customers, drive sales, and help transform your retail digital footprint. 

Check out the solutions below and join us on November 18 for Space Jam, the Matterport Platform Partner Demo event.  Learn how Partners can take your retail experience to the next level with live demos and conversations about each offering. You can even vote on your favorite solution! 

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Gus logo

GUS showrooms provide a high level of detail and an extraordinary freedom of movement in the virtual environment, creating an engaging experience for virtual visitors.  The experience enables new online sales solutions that are faster and more efficient than traditional processes.  GUS provides a high level of interactivity in every space, including detailed product information available in each virtual store. 


Use this solution to:  

  • Add eCommerce functionality 
  • Create 3D virtual showrooms 

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Mattertraffic enables users to get real-time traffic reporting to their Matterport models.  Accessing an in-depth view of visitor activity helps users understand their model traffic through user behaviors and engagement. Mattertraffic helps users get the most out of their data, turning Mattertraffic reports into profitable opportunities for you. 



mattertraffic image

Use this solution to:  

  • Build virtual storefronts
  • Gain visitor insights
  • Evaluate user engagement

Read the Partner Story <<Link to be provided mid-October 

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openhaus logo

Openhaus makes it easy for anyone to create, customize, manage and share 3D tours. This tool allows you to customize your space by adding shoppability to your tour, as well as recorded or live-streamed videos. Looking to become an influencer, or working directly with one to promote your brand? Openhaus is a great place to start. 



openhaus image

Use this solution to: 

  • Incorporate AR models into a space 
  • Add live-streams to your home tour
  • Make your space shoppable 

In our recent study, 63% of respondents felt that a 3D virtual store would provide a more exciting experience than traditional online shopping 

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retailvr logo

Retail VR creates merchandising simulations, product staging & eCommerce solutions for the retail community. Their virtual reality offering provides the consumer with the ability to be immersed in a real shop environment. RetailVR also powers “shopper” studies, allowing you to test purchasing behavior and gain real insights into how consumers perceive products. 


retail vr image

Use this solution to: 

  • Create in-store simulations
  • Support eCommerce goals
  • Test product staging and layout options  

Watch the video: RetailVR Preview

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voiceable logo

Voiceable brings voice and video commerce to your website, providing real-time engagement with online shoppers. This creates a personalized experience for customers and increased conversion rates for your business. Voiceable implementation can be completed with no configuration needed and is compatible with all ecommerce platforms.Retailers that use Voiceable see that 7.8% of customers who speak with an agent using Voiceable convert, spending 41% more than other customers buying on the same product pages.

voiceable image

Use this solution to: 

  • Integrate voice and video into your site
  • Connect sales representatives with online customers
  • Up-sell and cross-sell in real-time

Learn more: Check out Voiceable in 90 seconds

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Matterport Platform Partners are continually innovating to support evolving customer demands. Join us on November 18 for Space Jam, where you will gain access to the solutions that will keep your customers delighted and your business thriving. Come ready to learn and vote on your favorite solution during this Matterport Partner retail-focused demo event.  

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